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The "Fresh Prince" Drama Reboot Is Everything Right About How Our Culture Is Changing

The original six seasons of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were consistently some of the best TV a '90s sitcom was capable of producing. They were mostly silly fun—Will Smith making goofy faces and teasing Uncle Phil, Geoffrey making snarky comments, and Carlton doing his iconic dance—but there was always a core of genuine emotion and a... go to Article >

INTERVIEW: Zoom CEO Eric Yuan dishes on the difficulty of scaling the company through the pandemic and why he thinks most business travel is dead

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Summary List PlacementVideo conference company Zoom has had an incredible year as the coronavirus crisis has turned it into a household name. As the pandemic raged through the world, shuttering offices and forcing people to stay home, Zoom... read more

A new book details how young people should go about finding work they truly love — and why they have more power than ever to do so

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Summary List PlacementRight now, there is a transformation taking place in the world of work that is changing how people seek and find meaning through their jobs. This change absolutely impacts your path as you move from defining your own... read more

How Magna's new CEO plans to make the $18 billion, little-known company a go-to provider for the auto industry's high-tech future (MGA)

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Summary List Placement"I'm ready to retire." After three decades as CEO of Magna International, the Canada-based auto giant that's largely invisible to those outside the car business, Don Walker is stepping down. But he sounds quite happy to... read more

Tony Hsieh once ran a radical organizational experiment that prompted 14% of employees to quit. Here's an inside look at how the late Zappos CEO...

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Summary List PlacementOn March 24, Zappos' 1,500 or so employees got a memo from CEO Tony Hsieh. "This is a long email," it began. "Please take 30 minutes to read through the email in its entirety." It concerned the retailer's transition to... read more

Meet the 15 top executives leading Ford into a future of electric cars (F)

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Summary List PlacementSome 117 years into its storied life, the Ford Motor Company is facing perhaps the toughest challenge in its history — and its newly installed chief executive, Jim Farley, has assembled what he hopes is an all-star team... read more

Original Aunt Viv ‘Glad’ She Joined ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Reunion: ‘Holding on to Anger Is a Waste of Energy’

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Janet Hubert, the actress who originated and played the character of Aunt Vivian on “The Fresh of Bel-Air” for three seasons, is “glad” she sat down with star Will Smith for the show’s HBO Max reunion. “I am so thankful for all the love being... read more

From National Parks to Zero Carbon Clusters: What will make it into the 10 point green recovery plan?

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It is the most eagerly anticipated green announcement since the UK set its net zero target, but will Treasury intransigence ensure Boris Johnson's 'reset' gets off to a false start? It is the question everyone in the... read more

The Crown: How Gillian Anderson And Emma Corrin Were Transformed Into Thatcher And Diana

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The pressure to create authentic hair and make-up design on the new season of The Crown felt higher than ever, one of the show’s creative leads has told HuffPost UK. Season 4 of the Netflix series dramatises fictitious accounts between the... read more

The Doctrines of Race: A Call to Make Christ Central

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God does not talk about race like we do. Not that he ignores the subject. Far from it. The Christian Scriptures, from beginning to end, have a great deal to say about the matter — and much to say into our present context. In fact, I suspect... read more

How Child Psychologists Deal With Their Own Children's Anxiety

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Anxiety doesn’t only affect adults. Many children struggle with feelings of anxiety, which can manifest in behavioual changes, regression, new sleeping and eating patterns, rumination, difficulty with transitions and more.  Child psychologists... read more