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The Realness: Dhanveer Singh Brar On Dean Blunt’s Black Avant-Garde

In a new book for recently launched London-based small publisher The 87 Press, Goldsmiths lecturer Dhanveer Singh Brar analyses Babyfather’s album *“BBF” Hosted by DJ Escrow* go to Article >

These New Puritans Detail 'Hidden' Reissue

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Jack and George Barnett are marking the 10th anniversary of the album with some additional unheard material read more

Rough Kuduro: Nazar Interviewed

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'Guerrilla', a record inspired by Nazar's father's role in the Angolan civil war, is one of the best electronic releases of 2020. Claire Sawers talks to the musician about its violent genesis and deep history read more

Time Would Come To An End: Pet Shop Boys’ Behaviour at 30

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The end of the imperial phase or Pet Shop Boys’ real masterpiece? Fergal Kinney finds Pet Shop Boys’ most dense work – taking in deep house, the fall of Communism and the spectre of HIV AIDS read more

Clipping - Visions of Bodies Being Burned

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In the latest album by LA experimental hip hop group Clipping, Will Ainsley finds the perfect fare for halloween read more

“How’s 1988 Sounding?”: The Myths And Legendary Tapes Of Delia Derbyshire

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The boundless and innovative talent of Delia Derbyshire is brought to life with fitting creativity, creating something of a cinematic fever dream. Neil Fox reflects on the doc and the daring brilliance of an icon read more

Flashing In Hackney: The Forgotten History Of London’s Radical Photography Collectives

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In the 1970s, groups of British photographers saw radical new ways with film. Charlie Bird invetigates the history of the Hackney Flashers, Half Moon Photography Workshop, and Blackfriars Photography Project read more

The Room: An Extract From The New Novel By Jenny Hval

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Norwegian singer-songwriter Jenny Hval follows her acclaimed debut novel Paradise Rot with Girls Against God, a "fugue-like feminist manifesto" wrapped up in a story about Norway in the 90s read more

Hawkwind: Days of the Underground – Radical Escapism in the Age Of Paranoia

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Joe Banks' account of the 1970's premier rock wizards presents a group far more radical than they were ever given credit, finds Mathew Lyons read more

Lucidvox - We Are

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After a string of EPs, the debut album proper from Russian group Lucidvox marks a significant step forward, finds Richard Foster read more

Call Of The Wild: Inside 'Wolfwalkers', The Game-Changing Irish Animation

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Cartoon Saloon have been making groundbreaking animated films for years – and with Wolfwalkers, they might just break the studio chokehold on the Oscars. Ian Wang meets directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart to find out how read more

An Audience With The King: Sharhabil Ahmed Interviewed

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Sharhabil Ahmed, the pioneering Sudanese musician and subject of an essential new Habibi Funk compilation, speaks to Patrick Clarke about his long and storied career, from performing for Haile Selassie to being crowned The King of Sudanese Jazz.... read more