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The soccer game so foggy nobody could see anything

PA Images via Getty Images Arsenal and Dynamo Moscow once played a friendly in impenetrable smog. It was very silly. On November 21st, 1945, London was witness — at least in theory — to a friendly between Arsenal and Dynamo Moscow. It was an unusual time in European history. The game was played during the intercalary between... go to Article >

How ‘Greenleaf’ Brought Me Closer to the Almighty (Guest Blog)

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These are strange times. It’s Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, and I am genuflecting, responsively reading to a distant service, streamed into my office — socially distanced from a congregation that isn’t there — praying and singing the hymns... read more

The real electric car revolution has already taken shape with extremely capable plug-in hybrids

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Summary List Placement Much of the talk surrounding the so-called "future" of the automotive space has to do with battery-electric cars. EVs are the hot item buyers and automakers are jumping on now, with the latter spending billions and... read more

The 14 best books to read to break into venture capital, according to investors, founders, and professors in the VC space

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Summary List Placement Venture capitalist Sarah Downey explained in a 2018 article on Medium that "the day-to-day reality of being a VC is that we spend about 99% of our time saying 'no.'"  Whether you're a VC delivering a rejection to a... read more

How the pandemic gave Adam Amin a glimpse into the future of broadcasting

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A Q&A with Adam Amin on broadcasting in a pandemic, calling games in VR, and where the industry is headed. Adam Amin had just arrived at dinner with the rest of the crew that would be broadcasting the American Athletic Conference men’s... read more

How the TikTok influencer house 'nobody asked for' landed brand deals with Chipotle and Tinder — without dancing

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Summary List Placement This summer a group of eight influencers who wanted to escape the parties and drama of Los Angeles, and find a cheaper housing alternative, decided to move to Las Vegas and form a "collab" house ironically titled "The... read more

Meet the 11 companies racing to make coronavirus tests that cost as little as $5 and deliver results in under 15 minutes

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Summary List Placement Since the pandemic first hit, the US has struggled to ramp up enough testing for the novel coronavirus.   In the months since, companies have been racing to get testing to be cheap, available, and accessible enough to... read more

The Most WTF Christmas Food Launches Of 2020 (So Far)

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HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Prices and availability subject to change. It’s only 72 days until Christmas! And while the holiday season isn’t going to look quite the same in a year of coronavirus,... read more

About 3% of SpaceX's Starlink satellites may have failed. That's not too bad, but across a 42,000-spacecraft constellation it could spark a crisis.

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Summary List Placement SpaceX is launching satellites into space by the dozens to realize Starlink, a globe-encircling constellation of spacecraft that beam affordable, high-speed internet across Earth. So far, the scheme — envisioned by... read more

3 ways working moms can capitalize on the pandemic and use it to surge higher in their careers

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Summary List Placement At any given time, I'm one "Mommy, can you help me with something real quick?" away from losing it. And I know I'm not alone. Most of us are probably one small step away from losing it at any given moment. The COVID-19... read more

Seize the Day’s Interruptions

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“You shall love your neighbor as yourself” sounds, to any Christian, like a grand and noble calling. Jesus’s words can inspire visions of sacrifice, courage, and daring good works. We can lose ourselves daydreaming of future plans to love.... read more