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The top 9 beauty and fashion brand ambassador programs that provide influencers with perks like paid trips and free products

Summary List Placement The term "brand ambassador" has become popular in recent years, especially within influencer marketing, but the role can vary widely by company. Some brand ambassadors are celebrities who've forged a relationship with a brand and are plastered across advertisements. Others are regular customers with a few... go to Article >

Influencer merch has surged during the pandemic. Here are the top companies helping YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok creators make and sell it.

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Summary List Placement Hi, this is Amanda Perelli. Welcome back to Insider Influencers, our weekly rundown on the influencer and creator economy. Sign up for the newsletter here. Selling merchandise is a major business for top creators like... read more

53 unique gifts to give your best friend — all under $100

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 Summary List Placement When you have the opportunity to thank a best friend for their friendship, you don't need to spend much to get the point across.  Below, you can skim 53 gifts under $100 that they'll be happy to open.  Still looking for... read more

New data shows activewear brands spiking on social media as influencers jump on the fitness trend in the pandemic

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Summary List Placement The American fashion industry at large — and especially luxury — has declined in sales and engagement on social media during the pandemic. Onetime stalwarts like J.Crew, JCPenney, and Brooks Brothers have filed for... read more

The best hotels in the US with in-room jacuzzi or hot tubs for every budget

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 Summary List Placement For most Americans, international travel to exotic destinations is still off the table, but there are plenty of indulgent places to stay in the US.  For added luxury, or to simply savor extra room for social distancing,... read more

A TikTok star with 1.5 million followers explains how much money she makes working with brands like Olay and Revlon

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Summary List Placement Dana Hasson always wanted to work for herself and run a business on social media, but it wasn't until she became popular on TikTok that it became a full-time job.  Hasson started posting seriously on Instagram after... read more

Google pledges to $1 billion to publishers for their content

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Summary List PlacementHi! Welcome to the Insider Advertising daily for October 2. I'm Tanya Dua, a senior advertising reporter at Business Insider, filling in for my colleague Lauren Johnson while she's away this week. Subscribe here to get this... read more

YouTube creator MatPat, who launched a channel that passed 1 million subscribers in one week, breaks down the strategy

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Summary List Placement   YouTube creator Matthew Patrick (known online as MatPat) and his wife Stephanie Patrick have built a business around their content strategy. Their digital production studio Theorist Media is behind the YouTube channels... read more

How a 25-year-old entrepreneur bootstrapped her free newsletter into a 500,000-subscriber business that made $1.1 million in one month

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Summary List Placement In 2015, when Daniella Pierson first hit "send" on the inaugural issue of Newsette, her newsletter catering to young professional women, she had a total readership of 11. The writing was riddled with typos, according to... read more

Cowen breaks down 8 key investing themes and 12 stocks to buy as the net worth of millennials quadruples over the next decade

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Summary List Placement The habits and behaviors of millennials are fascinating to the older generations. And their share of total US net worth is expected to quadruple by 2030, according to John Kernan, an equity analyst at investment bank... read more

Inside TikTok's exclusive creator ambassador program, where 12 influencers get paid trips, brand connections, and access to new features

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TikTok launched an exclusive creator ambassador program in 2019 to help a select group of influencers grow their followings and businesses on the app. The program has several perks, like all-expenses-paid trips, connections with brands, and... read more