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The ultimate guide to starting out in real estate — according to top agents with billions in career sales

Summary List Placement Starting a career as a real estate agent can be both thrilling and scary, especially during 2020, a year full of unpredictability for the housing market and the economy as a whole. New agents have to focus on several crucial aspects of the job, including which parts of the market to get involved in, what... go to Article >

How Masterworks is unbundling the art market: Inside the company that lets anyone invest in a painting like it's a stock.

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Summary List Placement The price of a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting runs into the double-digit millions. In 2017, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa paid more than $110 million for Basquiat's 1982 "Untitled," a record high price paid for an... read more

Meet the rising stars making waves in commercial and residential real estate in 2020

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Summary List PlacementThe coronavirus pandemic has upended the real-estate industry, forcing traditional offices and shops to reinvent themselves and causing millions of Americans to relocate or reconsider their home bases for work, financial,... read more

Meet the 15 top executives leading Ford into a future of electric cars (F)

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Summary List PlacementSome 117 years into its storied life, the Ford Motor Company is facing perhaps the toughest challenge in its history — and its newly installed chief executive, Jim Farley, has assembled what he hopes is an all-star team... read more

Countries worldwide are passing laws to kill the gas-powered car — here's who's going all-electric, and when

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Summary List PlacementThe contribution of cars and trucks to climate change is undeniable. A 2014 story by the Union of Concerned Scientists said personal cars and trucks accounted for nearly a fifth of all US emissions, and that almost 30% of... read more

The ultimate guide to house flipping, according to pros who have made millions by renovating hundreds of homes

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Summary List Placement Tarek El Moussa paid $115,000 for the first house he ever flipped, according to CNBC. He and his ex-wife, Christina Anstead, then spent $15,000 to renovate the fixer-upper in Santa Ana, California. They sold it for... read more

The DC outsiders ultimate guide to getting a job in politics so you can find your way to Capitol Hill and make change happen

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Summary List Placement The 2020 election is right around the corner — and it may have you wondering how you can land a job in politics. There are several paths you can take to find employment with an elected official or run for office... read more

The cannabis industry is set for a wave of M&A after 5 states voted to legalize marijuana. Industry insiders lay out who's going shopping and the...

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Summary List Placement Cannabis companies are getting acquisitive as they jockey for control of the rapidly expanding legal marijuana map in the US.  Five states — New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, and Mississippi — passed measures... read more

Harvard Business School offers online classes that run parallel to its MBA program for a fraction of the cost. Former students explain why they...

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Summary List Placement Looking to transition to a new field without having to plunk down the tens of thousands of dollars it costs — or commit the two years it takes — to get your MBA degree? Then you might want to consider earning a... read more

A sports professional who paid $50,000 to get her MBA online shares how it helped her land an executive role in the NFL

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Summary List Placement As the director of group sales for the Washington Football Team (formerly called the Washington Redskins), Chanelle S. Reynolds is one of the few women of color executives in the NFL. According to ESPN, only 13% of VP... read more

Miki Naftali is the New York real-estate magnate who reinvented the Plaza hotel — and he uses 4 strategies to do smart deals

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Summary List Placement Real estate in New York is an industry long dominated by dynastic families like the Dursts and Trumps who have led the city's development for decades.  But some developers didn't get their start in the family business... read more