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'This is NOT a blip': COVID-19 cases are accelerating in Canada. Should we be worried?

Confirmed COVID-19 infections are accelerating upwards, hospital and intensive care admissions in some cities are rising modestly and winter isn’t even here yet. Should we be worried?... go to Article >

Bank of America says these are the 22 European value stocks to own — and 6 traps to avoid — given the 10% upside potential for value stocks by...

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Summary List Placement Value stocks have had their worst year since 1992, falling by 38% adjusting for sector bias, according to Bank of America quant strategists in a research note released on October 20.  But equity analysts and quant... read more

Why deliberately infecting healthy young volunteers with COVID-19 virus can be done ethically

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Under normal circumstances, the petition to Parliament might seem rather rash: urgently and publicly support... read more

A 26-year-old coronavirus patient who was pronounced brain dead in June just walked out of the hospital a survivor

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Summary List PlacementWhen Tionna Hairston stopped breathing for 30 minutes in June, her doctors pronounced her brain dead.  The 26-year-old in North Carolina was diagnosed with COVID-19 in May, and subsequently suffered a stroke that led to... read more

'People Will Die' If Covid Restrictions Relaxed Over Christmas, Top Scientist Warns

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A loosening of restrictions on household mixing over Christmas would lead to further deaths, a top scientist has warned.  Professor Neil Ferguson, whose modelling led to the original lockdown in March, told BBC Radio 4′s Today programme on... read more

A fund manager who's doubling up the competition in 2020 tells us his strategy for investing in the 'K-shaped' economic recovery — and details the...

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Summary List Placement As the stock market's dramatic comeback from its March lows hit a major speed bump and volatility increased, a lot of investors scrambled to reposition for another twist. Fund manager Todd Ahlsten wasn't one of them, as... read more

Has Boris Johnson’s Test And Trace Gone Beyond The Point Of No Return?

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You’re reading The Waugh Zone, our daily politics briefing. Sign up now to get it by email in the evening. “I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.” As the country struggles with this second wave of coronavirus, many will hope that... read more

John Ivison: Trudeau’s willingness to opt for nuclear option to avoid awkward questions is troubling

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It reads like satire now but five years ago, the Trudeau Liberals were elected on a platform that promised... read more

Grant Shapps: 'UK aviation must transform its environmental impact if it is to be viable'

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Transport Secretary's speech to the aviation industry on building back greener and more resilient from the Covid-19 crisis For airlines, airports, the supply chain, and of course the aviation workforce, it's simply been... read more

UK coronavirus live: senior Tory says Greater Manchester deal 'likely' as PM calls press conference

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PM announcement will come after noon deadline passes without news of a deal; 59,079 deaths involved Covid, ONS figures show ‘Scarred for life’: Sage warns of Covid impact on young Burnham condemns Greater Manchester ultimatum Firm gets £10m to... read more

The doctors and scientists who'll evaluate every coronavirus vaccine are set to meet for the first time. Here are the 7 biggest questions they're...

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Summary List Placement An influential panel of experts convened by the US Food and Drug Administration is set to meet on Thursday to discuss what it would take to approve the first coronavirus vaccine. The group, called an advisory committee,... read more