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Trump's policy chief explains in an exclusive interview why the White House just punted on a coronavirus stimulus deal

Summary List Placement  A coronavirus stimulus deal between Democrats and the White House fell apart largely because the sides couldn't agree about how much money to give budget-crunched states, according to one of President Donald Trump's top advisers.  "Where the Democrats came down was so far out of — no pun intended — out of... go to Article >

Seema Verma says she has 'no regrets' about her healthcare tenure in the Trump administration even after much backlash

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Summary List PlacementSeema Verma sparked controversy on her first day in the Trump administration and many times after. But she told Insider in an exclusive interview earlier this week that she has "no regrets" as she packs up just days... read more

Dow hovers near record high as investors cheer revived stimulus hopes and confirmation of Biden victory

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Summary List Placement US stocks rose on Thursday as President-elect Joe Biden's confirmed victory and renewed stimulus hopes lifted bullishness. A joint session of Congress confirmed Biden's win early Thursday morning, just hours after a... read more

Is Florida the new Wall Street?

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Summary List PlacementA Bronx-born billionaire now based in Florida worries his home city will become a "graveyard." A Long Island-based congressman is urging a big bank not to "abandon us, please," after he was rattled reading a report of... read more

‘The View': Sara Haines Rips Sean Hannity for Suggesting Trump Pardon Himself (Video)

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“The View” co-host Sara Haines dragged Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday for suggesting that Donald Trump should pardon himself during his last days in office, saying that the legal welfare of the outgoing president should be “at the bottom... read more

Global stocks hit record highs after Biden wins US presidency in historic vote, but political uncertainty is making the dollar a 'lousy' safe-haven

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Summary List Placement Global stocks jumped on Monday as investors bet President-elect Joe Biden's 2020 election victory would generate greater economic and foreign policy stability. But analysts largely expect the US dollar to decline... read more

Here’s how the US economy could transform under Biden after his appointment of Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary — starting with sizable stimulus

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Summary List PlacementJanet Yellen's decades of policymaking experience hint at how she will lead the Treasury Department through the US economic recovery. President-elect Joe Biden is reportedly set to nominate Yellen to run the department,... read more

Meet the 19 key scientists, executives, and leaders responsible for pushing coronavirus vaccines across the finish line

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Summary List PlacementIn less than a year, drugmakers have done what once seemed impossible: they developed effective vaccines that protect against COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Starting this month, the plan is to roll... read more

How the 'Biden Bounce' heralds boost for green businesses everywhere

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From international co-operation on climate change to tougher regulation of financial markets, a Biden administration has the potential to turbocharge a massive new global wave of green investment It is the result that... read more

What a Joe BIden-Kamala Harris administration means for markets, tech, healthcare, cannabis, and Donald Trump

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Summary List PlacementHello everyone! Welcome to this weekly roundup of Business Insider stories from co-Editor in Chief Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday. Read on for more on how a Joe Biden-Kamala... read more

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

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Summary List PlacementWelcome to 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. Sign up here to get this email in your inbox every morning. Here's what you need to know before markets open. 1. Global stocks plunge on threat of new COVID-19 strain. See... read more