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Trump vows quick court vote, Biden urges delay for Nov. 3

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Sunday that confirmation of his Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett will go “quickly” but his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, implored the Republican-led Senate to hold off on voting on her nomination until after the Nov. 3 election to “let the people decide.”... go to Article >

Biden urges pause on Trump court pick until after election

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President Donald Trump is pushing for quick confirmation of his Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett while his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, is imploring the Senate to delay voting on her nomination until after the Nov_ 3 election to “let the... read more

Trump Formally Nominates Amy Coney Barrett To Supreme Court

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President Donald Trump on Saturday formally nominated Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, with about five weeks left until Election Day. “I looked, and I studied, and you are very eminently qualified for this... read more

Mitch McConnell has promised to bring up a $500 billion coronavirus stimulus before Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation vote. Here's what Insiders...

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Summary List PlacementSenate Republicans are planning to vote next week on a coronavirus stimulus package that could put Democrats on the spot ahead of the November election.  The package promised on Tuesday by Senate Majority Leader Mitch... read more

GOP lawmakers, Trump advisers broke ranks with the president after he decided to halt stimulus talks until after the election

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Summary List Placement GOP lawmakers and Trump advisors condemned President Donald Trump's decision to halt stimulus package negotiations until after the election. Trump tweeted Tuesday that he told his team to end conversations surrounding... read more

US race heats up as Trump seeks quick court replacement

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The race for the White House heated up Sunday with both sides galvanized by the battle to nominate a new Supreme Court justice and Donald Trump vowing to soon name his choice. The president... read more

AP Explains: What's next with the Supreme Court vacancy?

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is putting the Senate in uncharted political terrain. There's no recent precedent for a confirmation vote so close to a presidential election. President... read more

Trump urges Supreme Court nomination 'without delay'

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US President Donald Trump on Saturday urged Republican lawmakers to back his upcoming nomination for the Supreme Court "without delay" as the issue roiled the election campaign. Justice Ruth... read more

Here is who Republicans are paying closest attention to in the race for 2024 — when Trump is (presumably) gone

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The 2024 Republican nomination is still four years away, but these 11 politicians are making moves and positioning themselves in ways that party insiders say looks like the start of presidential runs. Insider spoke with nearly 30 Republican... read more