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Tucker Carlson Wonders When the Government Will Finally Tell Us About the Aliens (Video)

Tucker Carlson actually went mostly apolitical for about three-and-a-half minutes Monday night on his Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Near the end of the episode, he took a couple moments to talks about the day’s news about the possibility of life on Venus. “So I realize this is not about politics or COVID-19, but it’s... go to Article >

Tucker Carlson Is Annoyed He Has to Wait for the COVID Bill’s UFO Report (Video)

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Even as we experience an extremely tumultuous period in American history, Fox News talking head Tucker Carlson has been talking about UFOs and aliens more than usual lately, with new UFO segments coming almost weekly at this point. And in his... read more

‘The Mauritanian’ Film Review: Jodie Foster Fights for Justice in Sluggish Gitmo Drama

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The United States’ rendition, torture and indefinite confinement of suspected terrorists after 9/11 remain shameful in the nation’s history, but those cases have also proved themselves difficult to dramatize, even in a film with the pedigree of... read more

Tucker Carlson Talks Underwater UFOs: ‘We’ve Never Imagined Something Like That’ (Video)

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As he so often does, Tucker Carlson talked about aliens and UFOs again Tuesday night. But this time there’s a new wrinkle: these UFOs can fly not just in the air, but also underwater. “A new report from American intelligence confirms something... read more

Tucker Carlson Thinks Aliens Might Be Responsible for That Weird Utah Monolith (Video)

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Along with everything else going on in the world right now, we’ve also got the curious case of that hunk of metal that appeared in the Utah desert last week, which then disappeared before a similar-but-not-identical monolith showed up in... read more

US Senator Kelly Loeffler was a high-profile Wall Street executive before getting into politics. Here's how the Republican at the center of a...

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Summary List Placement Following November 3rd's jungle special election, Georgia Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler will face Democrat Raphael Warnock in a runoff election on January 5 for her seat. The race is one of two runoff elections in the... read more

Spotlight on: Ambrose Musiyiwa

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In early 2020, poet and journalist Ambrose Musiyiwa embarked on a fully-funded PhD at the University of Manchester, as part of a collaboration with Community Arts North West. Working within the Department of Drama, he is conducting research on... read more

How teachers are making up to 6 figures using their expertise to tap the boom in subscriptions, podcasting, and content production

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Summary List Placement In April, the website Teachers Pay Teachers, which educators use to exchange feedback, ask for advice, and purchase learning materials, experienced a 1,400% spike in searches for the phrase "distance learning materials,"... read more

Inside the discovery of the massive SolarWinds cyberattacks: Security firm FireEye's top expert explains how his team found a 'needle in a haystack...

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Summary List PlacementMultiple US government departments as well as an estimated 18,000 companies suffered breaches in the sweeping SolarWinds supply-chain attacks, discovered in early December, that many experts see as historic and... read more

All These Organisations Made Black Lives Matter Pledges. But Have They Kept Them?

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On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was killed on camera during a police arrest. The video showed a white officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck as Floyd, a Black man, called for his mother and repeatedly cried “I can’t breathe” before losing... read more

Tucker Carlson Says Liberals Hate Amy Coney Barrett Because She’s ‘Normal’ (Video)

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Tucker Carlson was back doing what he does on Monday night, defending Trump’s far right Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett from criticism. This time, Tucker claimed that liberals really just don’t like Barrett because she “looks like a happy... read more