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UN failures on coronavirus underscore the need for reforms

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The coronavirus that has claimed nearly 1 million lives has underscored the failure of the United Nations to bring countries together to defeat it, prompting renewed calls to reform the world body so that it can meet challenges far different — and more daunting — than those it faced at its birth.... go to Article >

Trump keeps promising a coronavirus relief package will be passed after the election — but Democrats say they are still far apart on a stimulus deal

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Summary List Placement President Donald Trump is doubling down on his promise to pass a coronavirus relief package after the election, but Democrats say many differences remain before a stimulus deal is reached. During a podcast interview with... read more

'Wake up call': Halting nature destruction key to avoiding pandemics, UN report finds

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The world is now in an 'era of pandemics' due to nature loss and unsustainable economies, leading scientists warn Many more lives will be lost from future pandemics that risk inflicting even greater damage on the global... read more

4 people who were arrested after a Phoenix BLM protest wound up in ICE custody — and it shows the risk of protesting as an immigrant

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Summary List Placement More than 100 people were arrested in downtown Phoenix after a Black Lives Matter protest on May 30. Some people were leaving the protest. Others were just passing through. But when the Phoenix police blockaded several... read more

I'm An NHS Doctor. What I've Seen In The Second Wave Would Shock You

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It’s difficult to pinpoint precisely where it’s all gone wrong. Recent weeks have seen a rapid spread of Covid-19 cases throughout the UK, with increasing pressure on NHS services. I’m one of a number of frontline NHS doctors currently... read more

Trump praises himself for not being a 'typical politician.' That line worked in 2016, but former supporters now see it as 'lack of experience.'

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Summary List PlacementFour years ago, Amy Hopkins, a lifelong Republican, voted for Donald Trump "because he wasn't necessarily a politician at the time."  Hopkins, 45, told Business Insider she thought if Trump could "run multiple businesses... read more

5 ways the election could upend digital health, according to 14 healthcare CEOs, investors, and policy experts

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Summary List Placement The outcome of the upcoming presidential election will have massive implications for a growing group of digital health companies. Healthcare has remained a top campaign issue for several election cycles. There's a sense... read more

Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Sunday 25 Oct 2020

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Elderly were denied intensive care during Covid peak Over-80s were denied intensive care treatment at the peak of the Covid-19 crisis, according to The Sunday Times. The paper says new guidelines... read more

Paying For A Boots Covid Test Is Morally Indefensible

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One of the peculiar quirks of the Covid era is our newfound preoccupation with the ins and outs of testing. Right at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were seeing the first trickle of cases on our hospital wards, all we knew about the... read more

Two-thirds of law firms and in-house legal departments are considering not extending bonuses to employees this year. A new survey reveals how...

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Summary List Placement Nearly three-fourths of law firms are considering forgoing bonuses to their employees in 2020, according to a new survey that reveals how the legal industry is thinking about hiring and pay as the coronavirus pandemic... read more

Instant Opinion: ‘prepare for an even more deadly pandemic’

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Description  Your guide to the best columns and commentary on Wednesday 28 October Credits  Leon Neal/Pool/AFP via Getty Images Alt Text  South Central Ambulance... read more