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University entrance: The ‘taboo’ about who doesn’t go

How have white working-class boys been so left behind in getting university places? go to Article >

'Living Here Is Like Hell': How People In Manchester Feel About Reduced Furlough Wages

7 Days ago Entertainment Source:

In late July, only weeks after the first coronavirus lockdown was lifted, Manchester was thrust straight back into a local lockdown where it has remained for the last three months. As university students returned to cities and punters were... read more

Grand touring: 1000 miles across Europe in the new Alpina B3

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It’s effortlessly rapid over distance, but you’ll pay for it at the pumps Could Alpina’s take on the BMW 3 Series be the ultimate long-distance driver for a post-pandemic world? Another new 3 Series drives off the assembly line at... read more

Max Winslow and the House of Secrets review – lightweight Wonka-esque movie puzzle

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Derivative YA yarn about a bunch of high-schoolers having to solve problems to win a prize doesn’t bear close inspection Targeting the demographic intersection between geeky YA fiction readers, folks interested in psychology that doesn’t go much... read more

The Apprentice’s Claude Littner Tells Manchester Restaurant Owner To ‘Suck It Up’ Over Tier 3 Lockdown Restrictions

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The Apprentice’s Claude Littner has come under fire after he told a Manchester-based restaurant owner to “suck it up” during a debate about the city’s Tier 3 lockdown restrictions on Good Morning Britain. The millionaire businessman appeared on... read more

‘The Boys’ Star Dominique McElligott on Maeve’s ‘Tentative Alliance’ With Starlight in Season 3

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(Warnings: This post contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of “The Boys.”) Maeve (Dominique McElligott) and Starlight (Erin Moriarty) might have been standing next to each other in pride solidarity in “The Boys” Season 2 finale, but that... read more

The Tier System Is Doomed To Fail – But There Is A Way Out

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This was the week when things fell apart. Rumblings of discontent about the government’s handling of the pandemic turned into open revolt as the Northern mayors – particularly Andy Burnham of Manchester – stood up and refused to accept proposals... read more

The banned javelin technique which endangered spectators and shattered records

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Here’s an easy way to make the the sport of SPEAR THROWING even more dangerous Javelin is a terrifying sport. Sports have always been a sort of proxy war, but showing off who’s best at throwing spears really far is reducing the gap a little... read more

Tory Minister Tells Public To 'Educate Themselves' About Lockdown Rules

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The public has a “duty” to go off and “educate themselves” about the lockdown rules, police minister Kit Malthouse has said. A chief officer leading the policing response to Covid-19 made has made “strong representations” to the government that... read more

Fit in my 40s: trampoline circuits are fast, fun, and flipping hard work | Zoe Williams

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The unstable surface forces you to concentrate, so you notice your exhaustion less. It is a wildly good workout I decided to go to trampoline circuits, just for the craic – I’m way past “Make your peace with the new normal”, I want as many new,... read more

The Noughties review – Victoria Beckham rescues thinly stretched nostalgia fest

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Angela Scanlon hosts a sometimes painful look back at the year when Labour was in power, the millennium bug threatened and Nasty Nick got thrown off Big Brother I imagine it is my age, given that I was in my late teens when the decade began, but... read more