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US airstrike in northwest Syria killed seven leaders of al-Qaeda, officials say

A Central Command spokeswoman, Major Beth Riordan, said the strike was conducted in Idlib, in northwest Syria, on October 22. She did not identify the seven leaders by name. go to Article >

Why Lebanon’s government resigned and who will rule now

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Description  Prime Minister Hassan Diab condemns ‘corruption network’ as he steps down following Beirut explosion Prime Minister Hassan Diab condemns ‘corruption network’ as he steps down... read more

NSW Police find Speck the cattle dog 280km from home in Yass in a car in Sydney's CBD

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Speck dug her way out from under her owner's fence in Yass, 280km south of Sydney's CBD, on December 2, NSW police reported. read more

Plot to ban police from marching in 2021 Sydney Mardi Gras

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Activist group Pride in Protest wants to want to show their solidarity with the global Black Lives Matter movement and ban police and corrective services from the parade in Sydney in February. read more

A tough new policy to see mobile phones banned in Australian primary schools but is it fair?

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South Australia is considering a ban on mobile phones in primary schools from 2021, joining most other states. Some have welcomed the move while others said phones are essential. read more

Some sanitisers do not have the alcohol level needed to kill virus, watchdog says

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Researchers found some do not have the alcohol stated or the level necessary to kill the virus.They checked 18 products sold at high street retailers, supermarkets and online. read more

Tony Hsieh's family say he had a 'profound impact on countless people' in moving public tribute

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The family of Tony Hsieh, former CEO of Zappos, released a statement on Thursday after millionaire was dragged unconscious from a burning shed in New London, Connecticut and died last week read more

Grandfather, 68, turns WWII bomb shelter into a BAR

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Khandu Patel, 68, lifted the manhole cover in the garden of his home in Wolverhampton while gardening to discover a large bomb shelter underneath the lawn. read more

Cyber crooks targeting Britons who are desperate for the Covid-19 jab, experts warn 

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Dr Ian Levy, of the National Cyber Security Centre, said it was braced for a surge in hackers trying to exploit the vaccine roll-out in the coming weeks. read more

Half of us broke lockdown curbs, study shows 

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More than half of people have admitted not sticking to the letter of last month's temporary lockdown according to researchers at University College London. read more

Incredible photographs show New York City's subway and straphangers in the 1970s

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Photographer Alen MacWeeney took hundreds of images of New York City's graffitied subway and the people who rode it during the 1970s, a difficult decade for the Big Apple. read more

Australia to sizzle through temperatures of 47C this weekend before is battered by storms

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Australia's east coast will face temperatures as high as 47C and storms over the weekend as Fraser Island battles ongoing bushfires.   read more