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U.S. Judge Hears Arguments on Trump’s TikTok Ban

The government said a ban would address its national security concerns. But lawyers for its owner said a ban would be “no different from the government locking the doors to a public forum.” go to Article >

Constitutional originalism dominates in the U.S., but the legal concept may be gaining traction in Canada

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When U.S. President Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett for the open seat on the U.S. Supreme Court he... read more

TikTok fate in the balance as judge weighs app store ban

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Lawyers for TikTok have pleaded with a U.S. judge to delay the Trump Administration’s ban of the video sharing program from app stores set to take effect at the end of Sunday read more

U.S. federal judge postpones Trump ban on popular app TikTok

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A federal judge on Sunday postponed a Trump administration order that would have banned the popular video sharing app TikTok from U.S. smartphone app stores around midnight. read more

Trump Administration Likely Exceeded Legal Authority With TikTok Ban, Judge Rules

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The federal judge who blocked the White House’s ban on TikTok downloads in the U.S. Sunday night said the Trump administration “likely exceeded the lawful bounds” of the powers afforded to the president under the the International Emergency... read more

Trump’s TikTok App Download Ban Blocked by Judge

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A U.S. government order banning TikTok from app stores imposed by the Trump administration — which had been set to kick in Sunday, Sept. 27, at midnight ET — was temporarily halted by a federal judge. Judge Carl Nichols of the U.S. District Court... read more

TikTok and WeChat Remain on the App Store in the United States, For Now

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Both TikTok and WeChat remain available to download on the App Store, fending off bans from the U.S. government for now. President Trump gave preliminary approval for a deal that sees Oracle and Walmart to purchase part of TikTok parent company... read more

Trump's TikTok ban has been blocked (for now)

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TikTok has been given a temporary stay of execution in the U.S., with a federal judge blocking the ban that was to go into effect from midnight Monday. The U.S. government ordered app stores to stop distributing or updating TikTok earlier this... read more

TikTok gets reprieve as judge halts Trump download ban

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TikTok won a last-minute reprieve late Sunday as a US federal judge halted enforcement of a politically charged ban ordered by the Trump administration on downloads of the popular video app,... read more

Here's the data showing why TikTok's court victory was vital

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Summary List Placement   TikTok triumphed in a late-night judgment putting a stop to a US government ban on its app overnight in an extraordinary Sunday hearing in a Washington DC court, but it has been bruised by its battle with Trump. The... read more

TikTok's fate in the balance as U.S. judge weighs app store ban

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Lawyers for TikTok pleaded with a U.S. federal judge on Sunday to delay the Trump administration's ban of the popular video sharing program from app stores set to take effect at the end of the day, arguing the move would infringe... read more