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US race heats up as Trump seeks quick court replacement

The race for the White House heated up Sunday with both sides galvanized by the battle to nominate a new Supreme Court justice and Donald Trump vowing to soon name his choice. The president said Saturday that he expected to announce his nominee in the coming week and that it "will... go to Article >

Media executives and financial firms are making a land grab for Fox News viewers and Trump supporters, and a new player just entered the race

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Summary List Placement There's growing interest in President Trump's audience — and it's not just at Newsmax and OANN. A host of conservative leaning executives from TV, streaming and radio are looking to shore up cash and talent to take... read more

Fox News settled a lawsuit with Seth Rich's parents, who sued the network after it spread conspiracy theories about the Democratic staffer who was...

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Summary List Placement Fox News has settled a lawsuit with the parents of Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer killed in July 2016 who became the subject of right-wing conspiracy theories advanced by the network. The settlement,... read more

EXCLUSIVE: Documents reveal Trump is building his own 'deep state' by leaving political appointees behind in government for the Biden administration

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Summary List PlacementThe Trump administration has been working behind the scenes to set up its own Republican staffers for permanent career positions across the federal bureaucracy, raising fears among Democrats that these holdovers will wreak... read more

Trump Was, Er, Playing Golf When He Lost The Election

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Shortly before Donald Trump went golfing on Saturday he claimed in a tweet he had won the US presidential election “BY A LOT”.  I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 7, 2020 Shortly after teeing off,... read more

What You Can Do If Trump Tries to Steal the Election

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After four years with Trump, the day finally arrived. We the people were asked to decide if we'd endure another four years under his orange fist. At least, it should have been all of our decisions. But ever since the race was called for Joe Biden... read more

NBA mock draft 2020: Final projection with two picks for each team

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The Timberwolves and Warriors hold the keys to the draft The 2020 NBA Draft will be remembered for its lack of consensus at the top of the board. While last year’s draft had an obvious No. 1 overall pick in Zion Williamson, the projected top... read more

GOP Sen. Joni Ernst faces a challenge from Democrat Theresa Greenfield for her Iowa Senate seat

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Summary List Placement Theresa Greenfield is challenging GOP Sen. Joni Ernst for US Senate in Iowa. Polls in Iowa close at 9 p.m. local time and 10 p.m. ET. Insider will have live results for this race as they come in.  The candidates Ernst,... read more

Elections, anxiety, unemployment, liquor, and Chinese food: Americans' top Google searches on Election Day reflect a nation on edge (GOOG, GOOGL)

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Summary List PlacementGoogle collects data on billions of searches per day, and while far from a perfect picture of reality, its search trends often reflect major cultural moments and sentiments, from celebrity deaths to major sporting and... read more

If Wikipedia Were Honest: American "Democracy"

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American "Democracy." Americans do not live in a democracy. Right-wing pricks will tell you that's a good thing. They will say that America's founding father's—in their immense wisdom—established the United States as a Republic, not a democracy,... read more

Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Tuesday 3 Nov 2020

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Biden and Trump make final pitches as US votes Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden have spent the final hours of the White House race delivering their closing pitch to voters in... read more