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'We can't treat every blocked nose as though it's Covid', says expert

Outbreaks of coronavirus in schools are being linked to the increase of infection in communities go to Article >

Skoda Superb 2020 long-term review

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We all know it’s a fine executive as both saloon and estate, but can it hold its head high in £40k company? Let’s see Why we’re running it: To see whether the latest Superb can cut it as an object of not only supreme practicality but also... read more

How Covid Travels In The Air And What You Can Do About It

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It’s long been suspected that the virus that causes Covid-19 could survive in aerosol droplets – tiny particles that linger in the air long after we talk, cough or sneeze – and then infect other people when they breathe them in.  If the virus... read more

Inside Ontario's overwhelmed labs: How lingering issues and mistakes caused massive COVID-19 testing backlog

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Over the summer, as the rest of the country opened up and slowed down, and the specter of COVID-19 began to... read more

Paying For A Boots Covid Test Is Morally Indefensible

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One of the peculiar quirks of the Covid era is our newfound preoccupation with the ins and outs of testing. Right at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were seeing the first trickle of cases on our hospital wards, all we knew about the... read more

Second wave will be 'weeks and months' of limiting contacts, but Trudeau says 'blunt' lockdowns unnecessary

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Canadians are being urged yet again to limit their contacts with other humans to prevent a resurgence of... read more

How Prolonged Hunger Impacts A Child

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It’s a horrendous reality that millions of children are going hungry in the UK. These children are having to eat less and make food last longer, because their families don’t have enough money to buy more. The issue isn’t just impacting children... read more

How one alt-data company that rates CEO performance aims to be the S&P or Moody's of tracking management teams — and expects a surge of interest...

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Summary List Placement When the pandemic hit in March, airlines were among the obvious set of companies that would be immediately hit. Stay-in-place orders and fears of being locked inside with strangers for hours-on-end greatly diminished the... read more

Hannity Mocks Crowd Size at Socially Distanced Biden Event in Georgia (Video)

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Sean Hannity opened his show on Tuesday night by leveling an odd criticism at Joe Biden’s campaign: the attendance numbers at his campaign events, which the Biden team has kept intentionally low so as not to aid in the spread of COVID-19. In... read more

When is a case of COVID still COVID? Critics suggest the gold-standard of testing could be too sensitive

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To understand the latest wrangle over COVID-19 testing, think of trying to identify a single person from a... read more

COVID-19 can live on skin for up to 9 hours, but sanitizing hands can get rid of the virus in 15 seconds

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A recent study suggests the novel... read more