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Windrush Day: Victims Still Battling For Compensation Slam Government Scheme

Windrush victims still waiting for compensation have accused the government of creating a “re-traumatising” and “difficult” process. The Windrush Compensation Scheme was set up in April 2019 to ensure people who had lost access to their jobs and benefits, and suffered other hardships, received payment for the huge impact on their... go to Article >

From Grenfell to PPE, absolute power still corrupts in high places | Kenan Malik

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Last week’s shocking revelations show contempt for ‘little people’ still thrivesA  cladding manufacturer allegedly fakes results to win a contract for material it knows is a deathtrap. The government sets up a system to reward companies with whom... read more

5 Glaring Omissions From Priti Patel's Plan To Right Wrongs Of Windrush

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Priti Patel has vowed to engineer a “cultural shift” towards a more “compassionate” Home Office as the government details how it will implement recommendations from the Windrush Lessons Learned review. On Wednesday, the home secretary... read more

How The UK’s Broken Asylum System Fails Channel Migrants And Creates Public Backlash

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“I was reading about the Windrush generation and tears came into my eyes, because when you know the truth, and you see it happening to someone else, you get really upset, really emotional,” says Nas, who fled Afghanistan for the UK aged 13 after... read more

Anger As Windrush Victims Told To Prove Case 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt' To Get Compensation

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The Home Office is facing fresh criticism over the Windrush scandal after it emerged victims are having to prove their case “beyond reasonable doubt” before being given compensation. It is the same level of proof required to convict defendants... read more

Windrush compensation scheme ‘too slow’ for victims

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More than 2 years since the government apologised many still feel as if they are living in limbo read more

Racism Isn't Just America's Problem. Here's What Protestors In The UK Are Fighting For

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The demands of justice for George Floyd – demands for the arrest, detention, and sentencing of all four former Minneapolis police officers involved in his death – have become a catalyst for a wider global movement with protests in  Copenhagen... read more

Can Boris Johnson’s ‘Bustle Hustle’ Get Britain Through A Downturn?

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You’re reading The Waugh Zone, our daily politics briefing. Sign up now to get it by email in the evening. Paper-backed writher An optimist thinks the glass is half full, a pessimist thinks it’s half empty. A realist just drinks the bloody pint.... read more

Revealed: Students Face Hidden Debt Trap When Loved Ones Die

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Bereaved students are being forced to rack up thousands of pounds’ worth of debt to pay for the funerals of loved ones as they are not eligible for government support. The Funeral Expenses Payment provides up to £1,000 to help cover such costs... read more

Black Minds Matter Fundraiser Tops £500,000. 'We Can't Quite Believe It'

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We’re here to guide you through the coronavirus pandemic. Sign up to the Life newsletter for daily tips, advice and real voices. It was witnessing the huge mental health impact on Black British people of the coronavirus pandemic and police... read more