Five blenders smoothie fans will go nuts for

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From tilted jugs to vacuum blenders, we've rounded up the hottest blender trends from brands such as Sage, Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja. Get our verdict on what these hi-tech blenders bring to the (frozen cocktail) party read more

Netflix Acquires Rights to Turkish Prison Drama ‘Avlu’

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Netflix has taken global rights to the first season of “Avlu,” the Turkish adaption of Fremantle’s hit Australian prison drama “Wentworth.” Produced by Hayri Aslan and Limon Film, “Avlu” is set in a female prison in Istanbul, and has the same... read more

Tory Split Over Johnson Deal As PM Nears Brussels Breakthrough

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A split over Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan has blown apart unity among Tory Eurosceptics as the PM is close to striking an agreement with Brussels.  Ex-minister Owen Paterson has broken ranks to call Johnson’s customs plan for Northern Ireland,... read more

NASA unveils new spacesuits for Artemis program

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NASA has unveiled two next generation spacesuits for its Artemis program as the space agency prepares to send astronauts to the moon by 2024. read more

The cost of private dental treatment in the UK

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User submitted prices on the cost of private dental treatments in the UK read more

Female athletes with high levels of testosterone can run for longer

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Swedish researchers found women lasted 21 seconds longer on a treadmill after receiving a dose of testosterone. Olympian Caster Semenya has faced controversy for her elevated levels. read more

Instagram announces security options to help control what information third party apps can see

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Instagram has announced a new set of security features that will give users greater power over what information third parties have access to when they link their accounts to outside apps. read more

The Ten: The Commandments as a moral source code in modern life

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The Monitor asked ordinary people of faith to share what “The Ten” mean to them personally. First in a series. read more