Covid-19: Parties urged to suspend doorstep campaigning

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Leafleting and other political activities are "neither essential nor necessary", the government says. read more

UK's 'more deadly' new variant is another cruel twist in the pandemic

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This is another cruel twist in the pandemic. read more

Observations of an expat: High hopes, low expectations

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Embed from Getty Images Trump is gone. He boarded Air Force One on Wednesday and flew off into the Florida sunset. Biden is now the President of the United States and has called for an end to the “uncivil civil war” of the last four years. In his... read more

Priti Patel’s Border Confession, Senedd Lockdown Party & President Biden

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The latest episode of Guido Talks is available now both here as a video and on all good podcast platforms. In this week’s edition, recorded yesterday, the team discusses some of our favourite stories from the last seven days. Guido Talks is also... read more

Iran's supreme leader suspended from Twitter after post appearing to call for attack on Trump

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Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has been suspended from Twitter after he appeared to post a call for an attack on Donald Trump. read more

Melbourne’s bungled hotel quarantine shows some things are too important to outsource

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The quarantine's failures led to a second wave in Melbourne which killed hundreds. read more

Vaccine appointments delayed due to supply issues in Matt Hancock's own seat

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EXCLUSIVE: Not even the Health Secretary's West Suffolk constituency is immune from the 'lumpy' supply of vaccine as residents in his seat had their appointments postponed read more

“Wrongful Life” Revisited

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In Evie Toombes v. Dr. Philip Mitchell [2020] EWHC 3506 the High Court has given renewed consideration to claims for, so called, “wrongful life”. Can a disabled person ever claim damages on the basis that they would not have been born but for the... read more