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3 key tips to help you shop for car insurance in a smart way

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Car insurance shopping doesn't have to be a confusing labyrinth of mysterious variables and formulas. read more

3 key tips to help you shop for car insurance in a smart way

5 Days ago Finance Source:

... that will affect your rate. "Safe drivers save an average of nearly $300 a year on car insurance," Saxer-Taulbee said. The Insurify report found that minor violations (running a red light, failing to yield ... read more

5 Must-Have Inclusions In Car Insurance Policy

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... pride, and often prestige, for most people. They use it for commuting to work, for vacations... The post 5 Must-Have Inclusions In Car Insurance Policy appeared first... Visit for the full story read more

Named Young Driver Insurance | A-Plan

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Insurance for young drivers on a parent’s car, that won’t affect their NCD. An affordable alternative to being added to your parents car insurance. read more

How to buy an RV, from choosing the right type to finding the best financing

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... popularity, now have RV programs," he says. If your insurance company offers RV insurance, bundling your policy with a homeowners insurance or car insurance policy can make it cheaper.  But, Ingrassia says that ... read more

I'm a homeschooling father of 6 who just took my first trip since March. Here's how I spent my money in September.

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... . We tithe 10% of our income to our church, and also pay for several kinds of insurance — life insurance, disability insurance, and car insurance. Plus, we contribute to a sinking fund for three of our other ... read more

Branded content: Hyderabad Rains: What you need to know about car repairs due to flood damage

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... was drowned, here are a few things you should know for proper car insurance claims: Don’t try to start the car This is the most common mistake made by people. They believe heating the engine will solve the ... read more

Short-term life insurance is temporary coverage until you can afford a longer-term option

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... to the lending process you would go through to qualify for a mortgage or finance a car — the lender (or in this case, the insurance company) determines how much of a risk you are and how much to lend you. The ... read more