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Travel insurance: which policies cover you for Covid-19?

2 Days ago News Source:

It’s still possible to get insured during a pandemic read more

Nationwide reduces Flex travel insurance cover for Covid cancellations

6 Days ago News Source:

... See all our coronavirus coverage Nationwide building society has announced a significant downgrade to the travel insurance it provides to Flex account customers that means trips booked from 1 January 2021 will ... read more

5 things to consider before you sign up for a store credit card

1 Day ago Finance Source:

... shopping experience at that store, but that's it. Regular credit cards offer everything from travel insurance and cell phone insurance to annual credits to VIP perks like airport lounge access. 5. Store credit ... read more

Neither Eurostar nor insurers will refund me for cancelled trip

4 Days ago Travel Source:

... get someone to refund me the £178 the tickets cost, but neither the train company nor my Lloyds bank travel insurance will talk to me about this – never mind deal with my claim. From early March until July I ... read more

Tour operator won’t refund me for cancelled ski trip

3 Days ago Travel Source:

... a credit note for basic costs and then cash refunds for “additional costs”. We were told to claim on our travel insurance, which I tried to do, but my claim was turned down on the basis that it was up to the ... read more

Short-term life insurance is temporary coverage until you can afford a longer-term option

5 Days ago Finance Source:

... in the gap.  Others may seek short-term life insurance because they do not qualify for traditional life insurance or are going on high-risk adventure travels and want additional coverage. Note that there are ... read more

Travel Insurance During Covid-19 – What You Need to Know

15 Days ago Travel Source:

... to warmer weather and sunny destinations. And a lot of those travelers are confused about purchasing travel insurance during COVID. I know my parent’s Snowbird friends are planning on heading south whether it ... read more

Coronavirus leads to surge in travel insurance sales

23 Days ago Travel Source:

... - even though policies will only pay out if the Foreign Office upgrades its travel advice The number of people buying travel insurance rose sharply last month, despite the fact that most policies won’t pay out ... read more