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‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist': Keep Giving John Clarence Stewart Absolutely Bananas Musical Numbers

It’s possible that no one is having more fun on “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” than John Clarence Stewart, who plays Simon on the NBC musical comedy. Stewart has been a standout from the jump, instantly securing a spot in fans’ hearts with a gut-wrenching performance of “Mad World,” and he’s only continued to shine from there. And... go to Article >

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Creator Looks to Mobilize Fans After NBC Cancellation

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The NBC musical dramedy “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” has played its last heart song – but not if the show’s cast, crew and loyal fans have anything to say about it. On Wednesday, it was announced that “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” would... read more

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Canceled After 2 Seasons at NBC, Won’t Go to Peacock

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NBC has canceled “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” after two seasons, the network said Wednesday. The show, a co-production between Lionsgate Television and Universal Television, will be shopped to other outlets. However, according to an... read more

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist': John Clarence Stewart on Balancing Joy Amid the Show’s Heavier Themes

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It’s been eight years since the song “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” was released, and it took roughly eight years to get it out of our heads. But then came last week’s episode of “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.” Thanks to a glitch in Zoey’s... read more

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist': Will Simon Find Out About Zoey’s Powers?

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(Warning, slight spoilers ahead for this week’s “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” episode titled “Zoey’s Extraordinary Girls’ Night.”) Zoey’s powers are getting a bit more complicated on “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist,” and as a result, a bit... read more

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist': Mandy Moore Dissects That Huge Number and Perfecting Heart Songs

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“The biggest thing I’ve tried to stay true to is understanding that each and every heart song is its own little fragile egg,” director tells TheWrap “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” choreographer Mandy Moore pulled double duty on this week’s... read more