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22 Tiny Mental Health Habits That Can Improve Your Life In 2022

Another roller coaster year is coming to an end, and the lingering effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic have certainly taken a collective toll on our mental health. There’s no way to know what 2022 has in store for us, nor can self-care erase the grief, trauma or other challenges we may have endured over the last 12 months. But... go to Article >

10 Common Habits That Are Making You More Forgetful

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Experts break down the habits that can negatively impact your memory and offer solutions on how to sharpen your mind.Memory is a fickle thing. For example, you may remember something significant that happened a decade ago, but not what you had for... read more

10 'Harmless' Nighttime Habits That Are Secretly Ruining Your Sleep

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Experts share the common nightly behaviors that could be the source of your exhaustion.We know the importance of habits. Many people try to cultivate good ones, like eating healthier, reading more or getting more sleep.Unfortunately, sometimes we... read more

Take back your time and attention with digital minimalism

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It was the second winter of the pandemic when Alexis Grams, 28, a project manager from Minnesota, decided to make a drastic change. The atmosphere on TikTok "had become too toxic and negative. No amount of likes or popularity was worth the endless... read more

Labour MP Speaks About Friend's Suicide In Bid To Improve Mental Health Services

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Kerry McCarthy met her friend Ric O'Shea in 1990s when they bonded over their love of music.TW: this article contains reference to suicide and mental health issues.An MP has spoken out about her friend’s suicide in the hope she can highlight... read more

The art of turning ketamine therapy into TikTok content

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When Rae Goldman arrived at her first ketamine infusion appointment, she was ready to record scenes from the hour-long treatment.Once home in her Brooklyn apartment, she strung together snippets of footage and shared it on TikTok with her few... read more

The Cost Of Living Crisis Has Totally Changed The Student Experience

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Students are affected by the cost of living crisis.Late nights, followed by days of bleary-eyed reading in the library. And if you made it through a Friday morning lecture, you were considered conscientious. The world of university means hedonism,... read more

People aren't ready to quit quitting

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People aren't ready to quit quitting. You've likely heard of "The Great Resignation", the term referring to a so-called (and largely unprecedented) wave of people quitting their jobs globally in the past year. Dissatisfaction with management,... read more

6 Morning Habits That'll Make You Feel Like You Have Your Life Together

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You’re reading First Thing, a weekly series on HuffPost UK helping to make your mornings happier and healthier. I’ve never been much of a morning person, and these days, I’ve got two young kids, a puppy and a husband who needs to leave for work... read more

7 Small (And Big) Ways Our Lives Have Improved Since The First Lockdown

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It’s been two years since the first coronavirus lockdown began and no one could have predicted that life would look like this. Words and phrases like “Zoom party”, “hybrid working”, “lateral flow test” and “Deltacron” would have left us confused... read more

8 Reasons To Be Cheerful As This Endless January Finally... Ends

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January, also know as the longest month of the year, is finally coming to an end. The start of the year can feel like a confusing time. You’re either focused on the new year ahead or mentally in the year before.  It also doesn’t help that for... read more