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45 enterprise startups that will soar in 2021, according to venture capitalists

Summary List Placement2020 has reshaped the way companies across the globe do business — and those changes are will stretch into 2021 and beyond. Amid the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, a crop of startups has risen in prominence to help businesses adapt to the changing landscape. At the same time, other startups... go to Article >

Inside the economics of 10-minute grocery delivery startups, which eke out higher margins with pricier convenience store goods and less choice

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Summary List PlacementWalk around parts of central London right now and you'll spot outdoor ads for an array of new startups promising grocery deliveries in 10 minutes or less. Insider has spotted ads over the last week for Getir, Weezy, and... read more

The CEO of unicorn startup WeFox says he is focusing on sustainability not SPACs as he looks to grow an insurance giant

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Summary List PlacementEurope's insurance market faces major disruption. In 2020, annual funding for insurance startups reached an all-time high of $7.1 billion across 377 deals — marking a 12% increase in funding and a 20% increase in deals... read more

A self-flying Cessna just completed a fully automated flight with no pilot input as startup Xwing seeks to revolutionize aviation

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Summary List PlacementFully self-flying planes are moving closer and closer to becoming an everyday reality. Xwing, a Bay Area aviation startup, just completed its first "gate-to-gate" autonomous flight with its flagship aircraft, a Cessna... read more

This Google veteran's startup Productiv raised $45 million to help companies manage their ballooning cloud software spending amid the pandemic

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Summary List PlacementFounded in 2018, startup Productiv has benefited from companies' rush to adopt software for remote working and management during the pandemic.  The company just raised a $45 million Series C round led by IVP, with IVP... read more

'We're going to f--- you over': Seed-stage VCs are in a fight for their lives against giants like Sequoia and Coatue.

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Summary List PlacementWhen a tiny two-person San Francisco startup named Stytch began pitching venture capital firms for its first-ever round of funding early last year, known as a "seed" round, the partners at venerable seed firm First Round... read more

5 electric-vehicle and self-driving startups most likely to go public in 2021 as Wall Street's SPAC frenzy heats up, according to experts

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Summary List PlacementTransportation startups that wanted to go public had a big year in 2020. The rise of special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) helped young companies raise big funding rounds and go to market earlier than they might... read more

No-code startup Unqork says the expertise of its older C-suite is the secret to its $2 billion valuation

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Summary List PlacementBack in 2017, "no-code" software startup Unqork was in the thick of pitches to venture capitalists when the company's founding team began to hear a certain refrain.  "You're too old, you're not entrepreneurial enough, you... read more

Top VCs funding e-commerce startups share what trends they're excited to see more of in 2021

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Summary List Placement2020 was a big year for e-commerce, largely thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic's acceleration of the ongoing shift to online shopping.  And, venture capitalists and retail industry insiders aren't expecting consumers' new... read more

We got an exclusive look at the pitch deck $3 billion valued healthtech startup Hinge Health used to raise $300 million

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Summary List PlacementThe global digital health sector has unsurprisingly boomed amid the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic, with companies and consumers increasingly seeking out alternatives to in-person services. Investors too are pouring... read more

GEN Z VCS: Meet the top 29 up-and-comers changing the world of venture capital

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Summary List PlacementGen Z VCs have made headlines by starting syndicates, networking in Slack groups, and making a racket on Clubhouse. It's quickly become clear: Gen Z is already shaking up the venture capital industry. There's no set path... read more