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9 hurdles facing Biden's $2.2 trillion infrastructure, jobs, and tax plan as Republicans pitch a less-pricey alternative

Summary List PlacementRepublicans have roundly rejected President Joe Biden's $2.2 trillion opening bid for an infrastructure, tax, and jobs plan. Now, the White House and Democratic leaders face the arduous task of getting enough lawmakers on board to get a bill to the president's desk for final signature. They have little room or... go to Article >

Senate Democrats will seek a 25% corporate tax rate despite Biden's call for 28%, report says

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Summary List PlacementSenate Democrats will likely seek a 25% corporate tax rate, people close to talks told Axios. That's lower than the 28% rate President Joe Biden has proposed, which he said would pay for his $2 trillion infrastructure... read more

The 6 richest Americans are worth more than the GDP of 13 US states combined, including Delaware, Maine, and Hawaii

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Summary List PlacementAmerica's richest keep getting richer. The six richest Americans are worth more than the GDP of 13 states combined, including Delaware, Maine, and Vermont, according to data from Forbes and the US Department of Commerce.... read more

Access, appointments, and ambition: What Bernie and the left loves about Biden's first 100 days — and what they want done before anointing him the...

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Summary List PlacementHis staff seems "eager to engage." His appointments reflect a "coalition" style of governance. And his policies call for massive federal spending to help those struggling most. Progressives have found a lot to like about... read more

US GDP grew 6.4% in the first quarter as the economy began to reopen

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Summary List PlacementThe US economy edged closer to a full recovery in the first quarter of 2021 as vaccine distribution and stimulus reinvigorated spending across the country. The US' gross domestic product grew at an annualized rate of 6.4%... read more

10 Things in Politics: Biden's jobs plan faces major hurdles

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Summary List PlacementGood morning! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. Welcome back to 10 Things in Politics, your weekday look at the biggest stories in DC and beyond. Sign up here to receive this newsletter. Send tips to... read more

Senate Republicans are drafting their own infrastructure plan and want to tax people for it, not corporations

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Summary List PlacementA group of Senate Republicans is assembling an infrastructure plan, part of a bid to strike a deal with President Joe Biden on a package that's more narrowly targeted in scope. The Republican faction appears to consist of... read more

Corporate America and Biden have a budding love affair. But a lot has to happen before Democrats can become the party of Big Business.

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Summary List PlacementDonald Trump got dumped, Republicans lost Congress, and corporate America — typically conservatives' suitor — finds itself engaged in a budding courtship with Democrats. Can this Big Business-Biden romance last? It's …... read more

Mayor Pete Buttigieg could be America's next transportation secretary. Here's how he might rethink American infrastructure.

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When President-elect Joseph R. Biden nominated Pete Buttigieg to lead the Department of Transportation this week, the news was met with some lighthearted chuckling. "Mayor Pete" had overseen a city—South Bend, Indiana—whose total population is a... read more