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A court is banning one man from Roblox forever

Simon, better known by his YouTube handle Ruben Sim, was first banned from playing Roblox several years ago. His evasion of that ban, documented on his YouTube channel, and his public encouragement of trolling in the game, resulted in a lawsuit being filed against him by Roblox late last year. go to Article >

10 best documentaries streaming now on Amazon Prime Video for when you need a good dose of reality

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Most documentaries have lessons to impart and important things to say, but some of the best ones do that with nuance and subtlety while keeping us entertained.Amazon Prime Video subscribers have an embarrassment of riches to sift through when... read more

Drug dealer caught hiding £30,000 of cocaine in Deliveroo rucksack

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Nearly £30k of cocaine found in a Deliveroo rucksack in Essex (Picture: Triangle news) A drug dealer has been jailed for six years after police discovered almost £30,000 worth of cocaine hidden in a Deliveroo rucksack. Adam Stephenson was... read more

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe Says She Can't Look At Daughter's Baby Photos Because Of Prison's 'Emotional Legacy'

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Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Emma Barnett before taking part in an interview for BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour.Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has spoken about the emotional “legacy” of being imprisoned in Iran for six years that means she still cannot... read more

Doncaster and Milton Keynes among eight towns awarded city status

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Stanley in Falkland Islands also becomes city after contest marking Queen’s platinum jubilee yearDoncaster, Milton Keynes and Stanley in the Falkland Islands have been awarded city status, approved by the Queen, in a competition being held as part... read more

Johnny Depp Does Famous Jack Sparrow Voice For Fans Outside Of Trial In Viral Video

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While being chauffeured from the court where Johnny Depp is battling against ex-wife Amber Heard in a $50 million defamation case, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star interacted with a horde of fans using his iconic Captain Jack Sparrow voice. Fans... read more

Jogger who flashed schoolgirls avoids jail but is banned from wearing short shorts

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Mark Pittaway revealed his private parts to four young girls regularly over a three-year period with one victim told a court she saw him expose himself about 30 to 40 times read more

Ageing 'Gracefully' Can Be Scary. Here's How To Shift The Narrative

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It's likely that the parts about ageing that bother you most can be softened if you change your perception.The image I see of myself in my mind is that of a photograph taken in 1992, when I was 22 years old. The photo is of me and my friend, Sean.... read more

'A Warning To Us All': Why Women Can't Take Abortion Rights For Granted

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Pro-choice protesters rally in front of the Supreme Court on May 2, 2022.News of abortion laws potentially being overturned in America should be “a warning to us all”, according to politicians and campaigners in the UK, who stress the disturbing... read more

Abortion Rights: What Is Roe V Wade And Why Does It Matter?

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Leaked documents caused an international uproar on Monday night, as they suggested the Supreme Court plans to remove the national law protecting the right to have an abortion in the US.The landmark ruling, known as the Roe vs Wade case, was first... read more

Through the Trumpian looking glass, forcing women to die from illegal abortions is ‘pro-life’ | Marina Hyde

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The US supreme court leak shows that the levers of power are pulled by those with no skin in the game, at the expense of those with an entire uterus in itAn American girl born this week will have fewer rights than an American girl born in 1973.... read more