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A Texas superintendent reveals how — and why — he got SpaceX to turn his rural school district into a Starlink satellite-internet laboratory

Summary List PlacementWhen it rolled out a big test of its Starlink satellite-internet project this summer, SpaceX decided to make Ector County Independent School District, a rural education system in western Texas, a vital experiment. Superintendent Scott Muri had been on the job less than a year when the coronavirus pandemic... go to Article >

Starlink profits are supposed to help SpaceX head to Mars, but the satellite-internet project may need 3 million subscribers just to break even

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Summary List PlacementEvery few weeks, SpaceX deploys dozens of Starlink satellites into orbit, moving ever closer to realizing its planned fleet of thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands, of the spacecraft. SpaceX's goal isn't simply to add... read more

SpaceX may spend billions to outsource Starlink satellite dish production, an industry insider says (STM)

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Summary List PlacementSpaceX is outsourcing a key element of its Starlink satellite-internet network with a manufacturing deal worth billions of dollars, an industry insider tells Business Insider. Job postings and statements by SpaceX... read more

SpaceX engineers say they're looking to fill some 'hot jobs' and reduce outages on the Starlink satellite-internet service

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Summary List Placement Engineers at Elon Musk's SpaceX laid out Saturday how they plan to improve the aerospace company's Starlink satellite-internet service — and said they're looking for people to fill some "hot jobs." The engineers hosted... read more

SpaceX just launched a Falcon 9 rocket for the 100th time, delivering 60 Starlink internet satellites into orbit

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Summary List PlacementSpaceX successfully launched one of its Falcon 9 rockets on Tuesday night for a record-breaking seventh time, delivering 60 satellites to orbit for its Starlink satellite-internet service. The launch marked SpaceX's 100th... read more

New FAA documents reveal SpaceX's latest plans for launching Starship prototypes on suborbital flights from South Texas — and potential hurdles to...

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Summary List PlacementThe Federal Aviation Administration on Monday published several key documents and a new website related to SpaceX's future in Boca Chica, Texas. The aerospace company is moving briskly at the site to develop, build, and... read more