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Amid the rubble of election defeat, are claims of a dying net zero agenda credible?

Barnaby Joyce ponders ditching net zero, while Matt Canavan’s claim the climate goal is ‘a failed agenda’ globally dismissed as ‘laughably untrue’Get our free news app; get our morning email briefingThe Coalition is picking through the entrails, scouring the wreckage and sifting through whatever other analogies we might have missed as... go to Article >

30 years on: What lessons does the Rio Summit offer for the drive to net zero?

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With countries now setting net zero targets on a thirty-year timeline, it is important to explore the legacy of a deal agreed by heads of state three decades ago, write Craig Jones and Felix Dodds In 1972, Chinese premier... read more

Queen's Speech: What is - and isn't - on the government's green agenda for the year ahead?

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The war in Ukraine, cost of living crisis, and imminent local elections all underscore the need to accelerate the net zero transition - but fresh Treasury support for decarbonisation efforts appears unlikely It's coming up... read more

Why ClientEarth is taking the government to court over its Net Zero Strategy - and why it matters

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BusinessGreen looks at the possible outcomes and potential implications of the latest legal challenges to the government's decarbonisation strategy Law suits lodged by ClientEarth and Friends of the Earth yesterday over... read more

Joe Manchin: Meet the man who could single-handedlly torpedo US climate efforts

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One man is blocking the Biden administration's plans for bolder climate action, and with the clock ticking down to the midterms he could seriously dent global decarbonisation efforts President Joe Biden defeated the... read more

Australasia’s remarkable reptiles and amphibians – in pictures

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A new book showcases spectacular photos of frogs, crocodiles, tuataras, turtles, lizards and snakes of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New GuineaGet our weekend culture and lifestyle email and listen to our podcast Continue reading... read more

Air flows, draught sealing and double glazing: how homeowners can retrofit houses for warmth

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Methods of keeping living spaces warm range from cheap gap-sealing to expensive double-glazing, but the first step is to find and see the problemIt’s minus four degrees when scientist Jenny Edwards arrives to inspect my bitterly cold Canberra... read more

Pearl Harbor water poisoning: US military families say they continue to fall ill

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When second world war-era storage tanks leaked into Hawaiians’ water supply in December thousands got sickBeginning in December, US army Major Amanda Feindt and her family found themselves in and out of Tripler army medical center in Honolulu.... read more

Country diary: A crepuscular date with a dancing silhouette

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Thursley Common, Surrey: I’ve entered a shadowy half-world in the hope of hearing the strange churr and clap of a nightjarIt’s become an annual pilgrimage. An appointment with magic. This year’s venue is Thursley Common in Surrey. It’s off my... read more

Shop around, switch things off and seal the gaps: a renter’s guide to energy efficiency

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For renters, who can’t make big changes such as solar installations, there are still lots of ways to reduce your energy bill and stay warmGet our free news app, morning email briefing and daily news podcastHome energy assessor Adam Corrigan is... read more

A week of Blockade Australia climate protests in Sydney tests tough new laws

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Despite potential penalties of up to two years’ prison and fines of $22,000, activists say they’re focused on the bigger pictureGet our free news app, morning email briefing and daily news podcastGreg Rolles missed most of Blockade Australia’s... read more

There are good reasons for a double shampoo – if you can avoid waste

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An Italian town has banned the practice during a heatwave, but if done right it benefits hair and scalpGlobal consumption of water is growing twice as fast as the world’s population and droughts are affecting large swathes of the planet. So it was... read more