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Are Brexit energy negotiations slowing the UK's net zero drive?

Report sets out the myriad ways ongoing discussions over Brexit climate and energy policy are affecting the UK's chances of meeting climate goals Brexit, it turns out, did not "get done". As British and European officials continue to try and negotiate a fix to the onerous paperwork that are about to befall... go to Article >

England needs to urgently accelerate the resource efficiency agenda to reach net zero

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The government’s policy commitments on resource efficiency to date have lacked ambition, pace and scope, writes Kate Young from the Aldersgate Group The recent Dasgupta Review commissioned by the UK government illuminated... read more

East Coast Cluster: Inside the plans to decarbonise England's industrial heartlands

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In an event hosted by BusinessGreen, the energy and industry giants behind the largest industrial decarbonisation project in the UK sketched out their vision for how emissions produced by high carbon plants on England’s East Coast could... read more

John Kerry: 'We don't have the luxury of waiting until Covid is vanquished to take up the climate challenge'

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US Climate Envoy issues clarion call for governments to step up diplomatic push in the run up to the COP26 Climate Summit US climate envoy John Kerry has urged nations and companies worldwide to unite in the urgent battle... read more

13 must-see charts for navigating markets in the second half of the year, according to strategists at 5 top investment banks and asset managers

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Summary List PlacementIt's only been seven months into the year and markets have already witnessed a multitude of once-in-a-decade events. Retail traders flocked to no-fee brokerage apps and coordinated short squeezes against well-known hedge... read more

COP26: Mayors and unions pledge to deliver 'decade of action', as calls grow for bolder climate goals

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City leaders from around the world commit to 'just transition', as protesters criticise pace of UK climate action With 100 days to go until the world comes together in Glasgow for the crucial COP26 Climate Summit, a... read more

Future Energy Scenarios 2021: Power generation in Britain could be emissions net negative by 2034

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Detailed and joined-up policies, behaviour change, 'whole system' infrastructure investment, and holistic energy market reform are all critical to achieving net zero emissions, report warns The latest edition of National... read more

'Woefully prepared': How can the UK plug its looming net zero skills gap?

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New report from think tank Onward warns that without a major revamp of the UK's skills strategy its net zero goals and economic competitiveness will be at risk The UK's skills shortage is a well-documented and... read more

UK's coal power phase out date officially pulled forward to October 2024

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Ministers claim accelerated timeline for phasing out coal power will drive faster progress towards UK’s net zero goal and demonstrate climate leadership to other countries ahead of COP26 The government has confirmed it... read more

The cars you should buy between now and 2030

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The UK government’s proposed ban on new ICE cars creates a dilemma for all motorists, regardless of their views on EVs. Here are four strategies for your car-buying future When Boris Johnson’s government announced in November last year that... read more

Businesses and trade groups call for global negative emissions drive

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Current levels of investment in negative emissions technology fall far short of levels required to cap temperature rise in line with Paris goals, new coalition warns Leading UK businesses, trade associations, and... read more