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Asda worker turns up at disabled couple's house after their call

The customers were "taken aback" by the kind gesture go to Article >

Who Is Winning (and Losing) the Streaming Wars So Far? | Charts

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Now that we’re two years into the full-blown streaming wars, it’s a good time to see just where every streaming service sits now that that new streaming service “smell” has worn off. Growth has started to stall a bit at some of the newcomers,... read more

The Curse of November 16

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  Grand  Duke Ludwig IV and Grand Duchess Alice and their children(all images except for Getty: Marlene A. Eilers Koenig Collection) In November 1878 diphtheria struck the Grand Ducal House of Hesse and by  Rhine with a vengeance.  The... read more

The Badens

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Princess Theodora of Greece came to the attention of the international media in March 1928, when the New York Times and other newspapers reported that the 22-year-old princess was going to become engaged to Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden, the... read more

Where was Maid filmed? Guide to ALL the Locations in Port Hampstead

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Posted by Ra MoonAlthough the new Netflix drama series is set in Port Hampstead, the fictional version of Port Townsend, Washington, Maid was entirely filmed in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC. The story revolves around the life of a... read more

Take the Hill: How Mission Brings Men Together

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The plot was, in most respects, suicidal. Jonathan, impatient with his father’s halting, snuck off to the Philistines’ camp, his trusted armor-bearer beside him. Near the border, Jonathan turned to his servant and defied common sense: “Come,... read more

Hallmark’s ‘Countdown to Christmas’ Schedule: Here’s When All 41 Movies Premiere

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The countdown to Hallmark Channel’s 12th annual “Countdown to Christmas” slate has begun. On Thursday, Crown Media Family Networks revealed the full slate for its 2021 holiday-TV movie schedule, which includes sequels to last year’s... read more

Nine ways to sell your car

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1 - Sell your car at auction Getting shot of your car can be a pain in the bottom end, especially if it doesn’t sell straight away. We offer some suggestions beyond the classified ad and trade-in As this is written (September 2021), right... read more

Try Being A Single Woman Finding A Home Of Her Own Right Now

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Sam* did not imagine herself living in a house share with three young men at the age of 44, but the cost of rent in London made it a necessity if she was ever going to build up a nest egg. Unlike her coupled up friends, Sam, who’s single,... read more

‘Give Me Nineteen Men’: Muslim Missions Twenty Years After 9/11

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Where are we in missions to the Muslim world on this twentieth anniversary of 9/11? If we look only at surface realities, we may easily lose hope. Just recently, of course, Afghanistan was completely overrun by the Taliban. Missionaries fled... read more

How 9/11 Changed Hollywood – And Is ‘Still Grappling’ With the Terror Attacks 20 Years Later

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Twenty years after the Twin Towers at Manhattan’s World Trade Center fell on September 11, 2001, Hollywood is still grappling with the repercussions — along with the rest of America. Stories and storytelling were changed both in the short and... read more