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BeReal is what 'casual Instagram' wants to be

BeReal takes casual posting to the next level.  Founded in 2020 by French entrepreneur Alexis Barreyat, BeReal was made in response to the current social media landscape. It's not like Instagram, where users can curate their feeds and edit their images. BeReal doesn't allow you to curate. There are no filters. It simply gives users a... go to Article >

Ben Pechey's 'The Book Of Non-Binary Joy' is a glorious guide to being your authentic self beyond the gender binary

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There is blissful freedom in being totally, unabashedly yourself. That's the message in Ben Pechey's The Book Of Non-Binary Joy — a book that celebrates the power of self-expression and self-love for non-binary people. In an era when transphobia... read more

I tried BeReal, the ‘authentic Instagram’ app – would it show the real me?

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The app requires you to share photos of what you’re doing at a specific moment, creating a drab portrait of realitySorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is a new app to know about. BeReal, touted as the “anti-Instagram”, is currently the... read more

How Soon Is Too Soon To Become Attached To Your New Partner’s Children?

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Despite Kanye West's vehement disapproval, photos show that Pete Davidson has met Kimye’s kids. For parents dating again, figuring out when to introduce a new partner to your kids is a tricky calculus: How many months should you wait? Does the... read more

The best cheap laptops you can buy, because upgrading your device shouldn’t drain your bank account

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It’s really difficult to make it in today’s world without a computer of some kind. Nobody wants to do their school or work projects on their smartphone or even on a slightly larger tablet screen. My typing skills are bad enough on a standard... read more

The best cameras for travel are all right here

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As anyone who's had to sit on their suitcase to close it would know, it's hard to navigate the fine line between overpacking and forgetting to bring things when you go on vacation. You should always make sure you have the essentials, but nobody... read more

Being A Good Mum Doesn't Mean Being A Martyr

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It's time to dismantle the narrative that motherhood is all about self-sacrifice. Every year on Mother’s Day, I see people post old family photos on social media with captions praising mums for all the ways they prioritised their kids’ needs at... read more

Elon Musk Says He Would Allow Trump Back On Twitter

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Elon Musk said on Tuesday that he would reverse Twitter’s ban on former US president Donald Trump if he becomes the social media giant’s owner.The Tesla CEO said he believes Twitter made a mistake in banning the Republican, who routinely used the... read more

How to see your oldest comments on Instagram

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A TikTok trend has users diving back into their Instagram activity to see their oldest comments.TikTokkers are sharing their oldest comments and likes on Instagram and laughing at how cringeworthy they are. SEE ALSO:... read more

Playdate's tiny digital toybox nails the rough-edged wonder of the first Game Boy

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Comparing the Playdate to Nintendo's original Game Boy is mostly a compliment.The diminutive, bright yellow handheld gaming device from Panic Inc. is adorably quirky, with a new-fangled, crank-forward control scheme powering its library of 24... read more

Tired of performing indifference? Turn your autocaps back on.

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Today's internet is a battle to show how little you care.  Instead of curating your Instagram with perfectly staged photos, you post photo dumps that show off a more haphazard aesthetic. In the modern digital landscape there is pressure to do... read more