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Biden promised a foreign policy centered on human rights, but is continuing Trump-era policies and practices

Summary List PlacementPresident Joe Biden promised that his foreign policy would mark a major departure from former President Donald Trump, pledging to put human rights and democracy at the center of his approach to global affairs. But on issues ranging from US relations with Gulf states to refugees, Biden is continuing many of... go to Article >

Biden's first 100 days is all about jobs and families — and he's willing to spend big in a break with the Reagan legacy

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Summary List PlacementWhen he first stepped into the national spotlight, Joe Biden made a big gamble seeking to sweep aside the legacy of a Republican president who came to power pledging to diminish the reach of the federal government.... read more

In defence of net zero

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Concerns about the efficacy of net zero targets are justified, but could condemnation of the concept from Greta Thunberg and others inadvertently serve to undermine efforts to decarbonise? "The enemy of a good plan is the... read more

Biden promised a foreign policy centered on human rights, but is continuing Trump-era policies and practices

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Biden is facing growing criticism from progressives and advocacy groups for upholding Trump era policies on everything from refugees to arms sales. read more

Biden is set to officially recognize the Armenian genocide, despite warnings from Turkey it could 'worsen ties' even more

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Summary List PlacementPresident Joe Biden is poised to formally recognize the Armenian genocide on Saturday, The New York Times reported per officials familiar with deliberations on the matter, in a historic move that could further roil... read more

China is committing 'crimes against humanity' with its treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang, human rights group says

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Summary List PlacementIn the name of a "People's War on Terror," the government of China has waged a campaign of repression against largely Muslim minorities in the province of Xinjiang, arbitrarily detaining as many as one million people in a... read more

Biden is running out of time to dodge Trump's traps with Iran

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Summary List PlacementThe future of the Iran nuclear deal hangs in the balance, and with it the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran or another Middle East war to stop it. The next few weeks will be decisive. To save the deal and renew America's... read more

Saudi Arabia just imprisoned an aid worker for running an anti-government Twitter page. His sister says it shows MBS is testing Biden's pledge to...

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Summary List PlacementSaudi Arabia on Tuesday sentenced an aid worker to 20 years in prison for running a Twitter account that he used to mock Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman — known also as MBS — and his government. Abdulrahman al-Sadhan,... read more

Access, appointments, and ambition: What Bernie and the left loves about Biden's first 100 days — and what they want done before anointing him the...

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Summary List PlacementHis staff seems "eager to engage." His appointments reflect a "coalition" style of governance. And his policies call for massive federal spending to help those struggling most. Progressives have found a lot to like about... read more

When it come to China, the US need to figure out which fights are principled, and which fights are petty

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Summary List PlacementPresident Joe Biden's special envoy on climate, John Kerry, went to Shanghai this week to discuss how best the two largest economies in the world can address the threat of climate change. Despite the meeting being pretty... read more

'A lot of mainstream financiers saw us a bunch of hippies': James Alexander reflects on UKSIF at 30

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As the UK's Sustainable Investment and Finance Association celebrates 30 years of existence, CEO James Alexander discusses what is in store for the sector over the next three decades As businesses, governments, and civil... read more