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Burning ambition or crude awakening? How investors view oil giants' growing interest in renewables

Tie-ups look set to become a leading trend as oil and gas companies scramble for a piece of the zero carbon pie Hell freezing over' refers to something that will never happen. But when north Texas freezes over, it not only dominates the news agenda, but tries to hang that agenda on the renewable vs fossil fuel... go to Article >

Global Briefing: President Biden unveils $1tr green infrastructure blitz

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American Jobs Plan promises massive wave of new investment in clean energy generation, grids, electric vehicles, and green buildings Biden pledges to deliver 'once-in-a-generation investment' in clean infrastructure The... read more

Everything you need to know about the UK's landmark Energy White Paper

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After several delays spanning at least a year, the government has finally unveiled vision for a future net zero energy system - here are the eight things you need to know about the long-awaited Energy White Paper To... read more

A beginner's guide to corporate CO2 reporting

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Businesses need a robust emissions reporting system in order to draw up effective strategies to decarbonise, writes WWF UK's Seán Mallon With the COP26 summit closing in, forward thinking companies are hard at work on... read more

Report: Green steel investment blitz could 'revolutionise' Northern England's economy

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Green steel 'stimulus for the north’ could revitalise the industry and establish UK as a global leader in green steel technologies, according to IPPR North Northern regions of England have a "unique opportunity" to become... read more

Global briefing: US eyes sweeping climate risk disclosure rules

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All the top green business news from around the world this week, including China coal fleet concerns, ultra-white paint and Brazil's rainforest funding demands US prepares sweeping climate risk disclosure rules Fresh from... read more

COP26: Nations agree to hold upcoming pre-summit talks online

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Compromise means informal talks will take place virtually next month as UK battles to ensure Glasgow summit itself takes place in person The UK, UN and nations around the world have agreed to hold informal climate talks... read more

UK subsidy-free solar market shines as intallations surpass 1GW

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A further 1GW of subsidy-free solar could also be added this year as decarbonisation of buildings and energy gathers pace, Solar Energy UK claims Just two years after the closure of a key government support scheme for... read more

Green steel: Three leading innovations worldwide

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Start-ups and legacy companies across the globe are starting to decarbonise one of the most difficult and significant industries - here are three leading examples Thomas Koch Blank, head of breakthrough technologies at... read more

JP Morgan and Citi pledge multi-trillion dollar green finance blitzes

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Investment banks bolster their climate finance commitments for coming decade in latest wave of Wall Street net zero financing targets US investment banks JP Morgan Chase and Citi have significantly ramped up their climate... read more

Diverse voices in sustainable business are crucial to building a green economy

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A generation of green business leaders from ethnically diverse backgrounds is needed to fix the climate change crisis, writes Liberal Democrat councillor Rabina Khan In January 2020, in Davos, Switzerland, Ugandan climate... read more

Green remedy: How a net zero global healthcare sector could help cure planetary ills

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Health systems will bear the brunt of the climate-related health emergencies, so bold action needs to be taken to reduce the sector's ever-growing emissions, a new report argues There is no question the health impacts of... read more