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Business leaders urge government to avoid 'false choice' on how to fund expanded domestic energy efficiency scheme

Expanded ECO scheme should be funded through fresh investment, rather than by raiding existing energy efficiency budgets, letter warns Scores of businesses working in renewables, insulation, and housing have urged Boris Johnson to fund new energy efficiency support through fresh spending commitments, amid fears... go to Article >

Can green Tories push the next PM to offer more support for insulation and heat pumps?

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Conservative Environment Network calls for expansion of schemes for energy efficiency and heat pumps, alongside longer-term clarity to encourage green investment A group of green Tories have set out a £9bn winter bills... read more

Energy bill crisis: Further fiscal measures are job for next PM, Boris Johnson insists

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PM presses energy firms to ramp up investment in domestic energy projects, as pressure intensifies on government to act to support households and businesses facing soaring bills Boris Johnson this morning pressed Britain's... read more

Sunak v Truss: Who is the greenest candidate?

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The former Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary will now battle it out to become the next Prime Minister, but who has the most impressive green vision? After a dramatic few weeks in Westminster, Conservative MPs yesterday... read more

'The energy crisis is racing ahead of the government': MPs call for urgent national insulation drive, as costly winter looms for billpayers

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BEIS Committee warns current government energy bill support package is inadequate as energy costs continue to rise MPs have urged the government to rapidly bring forward a fully-funded, national home insulation campaign... read more

Sunak vows to scrap VAT on energy bills, as green groups criticise TV debates

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As Tory leadership rivals Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss unveil further pledges, the contest is attracting growing criticism for lack of focus on climate and the environment Rishi Sunak has vowed to temporarily ditch VAT on... read more

The UK's Critical Minerals Strategy: Is a secure, sustainable cleantech supply chain within reach?

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BusinessGreen gets the low-down from green experts on the government’s vision for building up a sustainable supply of critical cleantech minerals and metals The UK now has a Critical Minerals Strategy, a document which sets... read more

'The inefficiency penalty': Government again urged to get a grip on underpowered energy efficiency policy

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CBI leads fresh calls for 'an all-out national effort' to improve energy efficiency and accelerate decarbonisation efforts Conservative in-fighting may be once again reaching one of its periodic crescendos, but there is... read more

Poll: Public back more power for local authorities to deliver climate action

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EXCLUSIVE: UK100 network of local authorities releases results of survey, alongside series of progress reports analysing central government's progress on decarbonisation A new poll has shown a majority of the public support... read more

Boris Johnson hints at major reforms to 'frankly ludicrous' energy market

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Prime Minister signals desire to tackle link between energy bills and gas prices, as National Grid ramps up efforts to expand access to smart grid cost savings The government has this weekend signalled its intention to... read more

Energy Security Strategy: Calls mount for national roll out of clean heat and energy efficiency upgrades

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Analysis from E3G finds energy efficiency and clean heat are quickest way to shore up UK energy security, as Chancellor calls on National Infrastructure Bank to ramp up net zero investment A rapid roll out of domestic... read more