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Carbon pricing, risk disclosure, and net zero: Can the UK build a truly green financial system?

Mandatory finance sector net zero goals, strengthened ETS, and nature-based risk disclosure requirements among Aldersgate Group's demands The government must use its global green leadership position in 2021 to firmly embed climate action and nature protection into the rules governing the UK financial system,... go to Article >

How five green incentives could kick-start your company's route to net zero

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Financial support is available to UK businesses of all sizes that want to cut their emissions - it is often just a case of submitting an application The government has faced a lot of criticism from nearly all quarters in... read more

'Take control': Ofgem and BEIS unveil energy digitalisation and smart technologies strategies

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Government and regulator sketch out their plans for net zero power system through package of new strategies, consultations, and calls for evidence Just ahead of Parliament breaking up for summer recess, the government... read more

East Coast Cluster: Inside the plans to decarbonise England's industrial heartlands

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In an event hosted by BusinessGreen, the energy and industry giants behind the largest industrial decarbonisation project in the UK sketched out their vision for how emissions produced by high carbon plants on England’s East Coast could... read more

What policies are needed to put the whole financial sector on track to deliver net zero?

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The Aldersgate Group's Josie Murdoch assesses the policy action needed from government to accelerate progress on green finance in the UK 2021 is shaping up to be a big year for green finance. Ahead of COP26 in November,... read more

Transport Decarbonisation Plan: A guide to the government's routemap for net zero transport

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The government has provided its more comprehensive plan yet for fully decarbonising transport by 2050 - here is an all you need to know guide for green businesses Sometimes you wait all year for a net zero policy... read more

Heat pumps are critical to net zero - but they urgently need policy support

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Delivering the UK's heat pump installation target requires urgent policy action and a clear strategy, explains Laura Bishop of the Ground-Source Heat Pump Association At the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA), we... read more

Green Jobs Taskforce calls for 'detailed policy plan' to prepare UK workforce for net zero

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Group convened by BEIS and Department of Education has published its wish list for how government can help rapidly expand the UK's 'green' workforce An independent taskforce convened by the government last November has... read more

Reports: Ministers drawing up UK carbon pricing scheme that could launch next year

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The Times reports consumers could see their petrol and gas bills 'soar' under scheme, but energy sector players point to risks of inaction and argue wider policy push can help minimise costs for consumers The government... read more

'Toothless policy and targets': Environmental Audit Committee slams government 'inaction' on nature protection

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Major report from select committee on biodiversity and ecosystems slams government for weak nature protection targets and policy and points to failure to embed nature protection across government thinking MPs on the... read more

National Food Strategy calls for major cut in UK meat consumption to fix public and planetary health

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Government-commissioned report argues UK's food system must be transformed to protect the climate, nature, and the NHS The second instalment of the government-commissioned National Food Strategy has warned the UK must... read more