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CCC: Failure to adapt to 'inevitable' climate change could derail net zero transition

Government's failure to prioritise climate resilience risks undermining UK's ability to meet net zero and biodiversity goals, CCC warns The UK's ongoing failure to enhance its resilience to the increasingly disruptive impacts of climate change threatens to undermine the country's ability to achieve both its... go to Article >

MPs slam government's 'inadequate' public engagement efforts on net zero

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The government must ensure fairness underpins the transition to net zero, MPs on the BEIS Committee warn The government has failed to adequately engage the public with any of the major changes to their daily lives... read more

'Woefully prepared': How can the UK plug its looming net zero skills gap?

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New report from think tank Onward warns that without a major revamp of the UK's skills strategy its net zero goals and economic competitiveness will be at risk The UK's skills shortage is a well-documented and... read more

Global Briefing: Indian coal mine auction attracts minimal interest

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All the top green business news from around the world this week, including US climate diplomacy, COP26 preparations, and sobering Amazon rainforest research India coal sector woes as 48 mines attract zero bidders Further... read more

Is the Climate Culture War being overstated: Government survey reveals public support for lifestyle changes to achieve net zero

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Survey of almost 7,000 UK adults reveals widespread backing for 2050 net zero goal – and sizeable support for many of the lifestyle choices that may be required to deliver it If the government harbours concerns over... read more

'This is not a scary transition': Six key takeaways from the CCC's net zero progress report

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In what is a crucial year for climate action in 2021, there CCC has today given the government much food - but little time - for thought - here are its top takeaways Every year since its inception the Climate Change... read more

'Net zero doesn't solve the problem': Five key lessons from the CCC's climate risk assessment

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There are many urgent takeaways from the Climate Change Committee's stark UK climate preparedness assessment - here are the top five Every five years the Climate Change Committee (CCC) conducts a root-and-branch review of... read more

'We urgently need to prepare': Green figures react to the CCC's climate risk warning

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All the top reaction from leading figures across business, politics, academia, think tanks and green groups to the CCC's latest assessment of the UK's preparedness for climate change Heatwaves, floods, storms, coastal... read more

In defence of net zero

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Concerns about the efficacy of net zero targets are justified, but could condemnation of the concept from Greta Thunberg and others inadvertently serve to undermine efforts to decarbonise? "The enemy of a good plan is the... read more

Carbon pricing, risk disclosure, and net zero: Can the UK build a truly green financial system?

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Mandatory finance sector net zero goals, strengthened ETS, and nature-based risk disclosure requirements among Aldersgate Group's demands The government must use its global green leadership position in 2021 to firmly... read more

Are Brexit energy negotiations slowing the UK's net zero drive?

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Report sets out the myriad ways ongoing discussions over Brexit climate and energy policy are affecting the UK's chances of meeting climate goals Brexit, it turns out, did not "get done". As British and European officials... read more