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'Climate security is energy security': Alok Sharma urges world to 'break dependency on fossil fuels'

In speech to mark sixth month anniversary of Glasgow Summit, COP26 President argues 'net zero means security, prosperity, and preventing the problems of the present from growing inexorably' The world cannot lose sight of the urgent need to tackle the climate crisis amid soaring energy costs and Russia's brutal... go to Article >

G7 promises boost for gas, but with climate conditions attached

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Communique commits leaders to new forms of collaboration with developing nations on measures to enhance their resilience to climate change The G7 group of countries have this morning agreed to open up space for increased... read more

London Climate Action Week: Can the capital turbocharge the UK's net zero transition?

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At the kick off event for London Climate Action Week, BusinessGreen spoke to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and event founder Nick Mabey about how regions and cities can drive climate action despite a turbulent political backdrop... read more

'We are worried': UK climate advisors slam 'shocking' lack of net zero delivery

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Government taking risky ‘high wire approach to net zero’ by failing to match ambition with delivery, CCC warns The government is performing a risky "high wire approach to net zero" by failing to drive rapid action towards... read more

This is the future climate hawks want to see

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The story about Margaret Thatcher interrupting a long-winded policy discussion by slamming a copy of Friedrich Hayek's The Constitution of Liberty on the table and declaring "this is what we believe" has entered political... read more

Study: Green government investments drive quicker and bigger rewards than spending on fossil fuels

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University of Oxford academics argue investments in fossil fuels in response to energy crunch will have a smaller economic and energy security impact than those in energy efficiency and clean energy infrastructure Public... read more

Study: Accelerated clean energy transition could slash family energy bills

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Research by We Mean Business Coalition and Cambridge Econometrics released ahead of upcoming G7 Leaders Summit in Berlin The typical family of four in the world's most developed nations could save $2,000 (£1,574) a year on... read more

'A Peace Plan for the 21st Century': UN Secretary-General urges countries to accelerate renewables transition

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António Guterres warns countries are getting a 'giant fail mark' from scientists and the public opinion over their climate strategies "Renewables are the peace plan of the 21st century," UN Secretary-General António... read more

Bonn Conference kicks off with plea for nations to deliver on Glasgow Climate Pact promises

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COP26 President urges governments to demonstrate that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has 'increased, not diminished, our determination to deliver on climate action' Hundreds of Ministers and diplomats from around the world... read more

Progress and disappointment: Bonn Conference kicks off new era for global climate talks, but same old stand-offs persist

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Fortnight-long meeting has made progress on number of technical issues, but disagreements over climate finance are now set to dominate the COP27 Climate Summit The latest Bonn Climate Conference came to a close yesterday... read more

IEA chief Fatih Birol on energy efficiency, national security, and the 'risky business' of fossil fuel exploration

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Executive director of influential think tank sits down with BusinessGreen to discuss why energy efficiency and net zero are 'the Romeo and Juliet' of the clean energy transition Mobilising governments around the world to... read more