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Coal-powered recovery drove carbon emissions to record high in 2021, IEA warns

Latest figures are evidence world has failed to deliver sustainable economic recovery from Covid-19, agency warns More carbon emissions were produced by the global energy sector in 2021 than ever before, as soaring international gas prices and the recovery from the pandemic drove an increase in coal-fired... go to Article >

IEA World Energy Jobs Outlook: Five key green takeaways

23 Days ago Finance Source:

The IEA has released its first ever evaluation of global energy employment both today and in the future - BusinessGreen takes a deep dive Today the International Energy Agency (IEA) has produced what it is said to be the... read more

Not enough time: PwC warns G20 countries are not decarbonising fast enough to meet 1.5C goals

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PwC's Net Zero Economy Index finds decarbonisation rates among G20 countries are falling 'alarmingly short' of global climate targets G20 countries are not decarbonising nearly quickly enough to meet the 1.5C goal of the... read more

How deeper global clean tech collaboration is needed to avoid net zero delay

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Joint IEA, IRENA, and UN assessment of COP26 Breakthrough Agenda sets out priorities for collaborative climate action between businesses and governments The global net zero transition risks being "delayed by decades" unless... read more

Study: Renewables make record contribution to global grids

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Bloomberg's latest Power Transition Trends highlights latest milestone for global renewables industry, but warns fossil fuel emissions are continuing to rise Wind and solar projects combined to meet more than a tenth of... read more

'This is the way to go': In Brussels and Westminster, a new energy order takes shape

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen confirms fundamental reforms are coming to the European energy market as governments seek to double down on net zero transition It may be long overdue, it may yet falter,... read more

Liz Truss named UK Prime Minister: The green economy reacts

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Green business figures, politicians, think tanks, experts and more react to news that Britain has a new PM Liz Truss has been named as UK's new Prime Minister today, having comfortably defeated her rival Rishi Sunak in this... read more

How are G7 companies really performing against the goals of the Paris Agreement?

25 Days ago Finance Source:

Analysis by CDP and Oliver Wyman suggests corporates in the G7 are currently far off track for delivering 1.5C of warming, but decarbonisation trends are at least heading in a greener direction During COP26 last year, as a... read more

Could supply chain challenges really stall the electric vehicle revolution?

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The cost of energy and raw materials is soaring as geopolitical tensions mount - can the journey to zero emission road transport navigate the latest bumps in the road? From televisions to food, supply chain disruption has... read more

'Roadblock to a sustainable future': How global fossil fuel subsidies almost doubled to $697bn in 2021

32 Days ago Finance Source:

IEA and OECD reiterate calls for governments to shift investment away from fossil fuels and towards low carbon energy as 'only lasting solution to global energy crisis' The world's leading economies sharply increased... read more

IEA: Carbon emissions of global electricity sector on track for slight dip in 2022

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Agency's forecast suggests 2021 could prove to be peak year for power sector carbon emissions Carbon emissions from the electricity sector are set to decline this year, as demand growth for electricity around the world... read more