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Could COP26 be the 'beginning of the end' for oil and gas?

COP26 has seen fossil fuels mentioned for the first time in a UNFCCC cover text and the launch of a pioneering alliance of governments committed to phasing out oil and gas production. The final days of the COP26 Climate Summit has seen fossil fuels take something of a shellacking. Just a day after the draft... go to Article >

High Court throws out legal challenge to UK's oil and gas production strategy

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But environmentalists argue case forced government to accept oil and gas companies can make more money from subsidies than they pay in taxes A legal case which argued the UK's current strategy to 'maximise economic... read more

New South American Energy Alliance Could Be A Gamechanger For Oil Markets

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The hottest oil countries in South America—Guyana, Suriname, and Brazil—are set to discuss later this week the setting up of a new energy alliance and building infrastructure across the countries to share their growing oil and gas resources. The... read more

How green hydrogen could completely reshape the global energy map

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Driven by net zero, hydrogen could make up 12 per cent of global energy use by 2050, according to IRENA The geopolitical ramifications of the green energy transition have long been contemplated by foreign policy wonks.... read more

'We will be the biggest green energy company in the world': Bankrolled by UAE, Masdar embarks on its 100GW journey

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Abu Dhabi's state-owned renewable energy giant Masdar is undergoing a restructure of its ownership, while ramping up its overall clean energy goal to 100GW by 2030 Masdar, Abu Dhabi's state-owned clean energy company,... read more

MAG and Ryanair launch legal challenge calling for transparency around the Government’s traffic light system for international travel

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MAG (Manchester Airports Group) and Ryanair today announced that they have launched a legal challenge calling for transparency in the Government’s handling of its “traffic light” travel system. The move is backed by a number of other major UK... read more

It's been a busy year for green policy - now 2022 must be a year of implementation

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A focus on implementing climate and environmental agenda in 2022 is in the UK's best economic and social interest, writes Aldersgate Group's Nick Molho 2021 saw unprecedented momentum gather behind the UK's climate and... read more

Timber, carbon offsets and ESG: Why investors are piling into the UK forestry market

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Land and property values for forestry and afforestation have skyrocketed over the past couple of years - could this unlock much needed investment in nature restoration? The UK forestry market is positively booming.... read more

Buildings and construction make up a major chunk of CO2 - a more circular approach is needed

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Better design and reuse of buildings are crucial to cutting their carbon impact, writes Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Tansy Robertson-Fall Solving the climate crisis may be increasingly at the forefront of government,... read more

ExxonMobil vows to achieve 'net zero' operations by 2050

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But oil major fails to establish targets for Scope 3 emissions that account for at least 85 per cent of its total emissions output US oil major ExxonMobil announced yesterday that it plans to achieve net zero across its... read more

Masdar taps ENGIE and TotalEnergies for UAE green hydrogen projects

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Abu Dhabi clean energy giant is seeking to develop a green hydrogen hub in the UAE to support production of green shipping and aviation fuels Clean energy giant Masdar has unveiled plans for two of its first green... read more