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'Crucial and urgent': Why companies have mobilised behind the push to 'green' the Companies Act

More than 1,000 firms have come together today to call on government to embed environmental and social responsibility in UK company law - BusinessGreen catches up with the Better Business Act campaign on its first anniversary It has been one year since a coalition of businesses united behind a push to reform UK... go to Article >

How the UK's net zero transition is progressing: In 10 charts

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The Climate Change Committee's myriad charts serve to hammer home the scale of the decarbonisation challenge If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the array of fascinating charts, graphs, and illustrative graphics... read more

London Climate Action Week: Can the capital turbocharge the UK's net zero transition?

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At the kick off event for London Climate Action Week, BusinessGreen spoke to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and event founder Nick Mabey about how regions and cities can drive climate action despite a turbulent political backdrop... read more

IEA chief Fatih Birol on energy efficiency, national security, and the 'risky business' of fossil fuel exploration

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Executive director of influential think tank sits down with BusinessGreen to discuss why energy efficiency and net zero are 'the Romeo and Juliet' of the clean energy transition Mobilising governments around the world to... read more

Ecolibrium brings Machine-learning Decarbonisation Platform to the UK

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Company brings together data from Internet of Things devices to provide businesses with a 'blueprint' for sustainable operations A machine learning-led decarbonisation platform that has found success in Asia-Pacific is to... read more

Why The Colour Of Your Kid's Swimsuit Matters More Than You Think

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Summer means families are more spending time in and around the water: pool parties, beach days and boat rides are all more common this time of year. As temperatures heat up, brushing up on water safety is crucial for everyone, but particularly for... read more

Emergency measures: How President Biden aims to boost clean tech production in the name of defence

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White House announces sweeping package of executive orders designed to turbocharge US and global solar and heat pump development President Joe Biden yesterday responded to rising fossil fuel costs and the continued... read more

'We will not bend to the will of activists': As BP profits soar, government doubles down on oil and gas expansion plans

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The government is urging the oil and gas industry to ramp up investment in the 'clean energy technologies of the future', but can increased production really become compatible with net zero goals? The UK government is... read more

'Remove barriers': Opportunities and risks for green economy, as government preps reboot in Queen's Speech

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Queen's Speech expected to include new Energy Bill and latest wave of planning reforms, as Boris Johnson faces mounting pressure to tackle cost of living crisis Boris Johnson will tomorrow attempt the latest reboot of his... read more

'A new world of hybrid governance': Rachel Kyte on the battle to bring integrity to voluntary carbon markets

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The Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative is poised to publish claims guidance for businesses hoping to tap credits to help reach net zero goals - Co-chair Rachel Kyte gives BusinessGreen a peek at what to expect... read more

Delivering on the Glasgow Climate Pact in a changing world

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COP26 President Alok Sharma's speech to Tufts University last week urged countries to step up their efforts to meet commitments made at COP26 Climate Summit last autumn Ladies and gentlemen, when Charles Tufts was asked... read more