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Danny DeVito Wrote A New New Batman Comic Where Penguin And Catwoman Fall In Love (While Stopping A Pandemic)

WARNER BROS. Danny DeVito's first comic book story has Penguin and Catwoman falling in love while single-handedly saving the whole world. go to Article >

People Are Suing The Distributors Of ‘Yesterday’ Because It Didn’t Feature Ana De Armas As Advertised

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MGM The actress was cut from the film, about a world without The Beatles, but still appeared in the trailer. read more

Kirsten Dunst Has Been Cast In Alex Garland’s ‘Civil War’ For A24

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Getty Image Director Alex Garland's latest project, an action film titled 'Civil War,' will be distributed by A24, and star Kirsten Dunst. read more

Weekend Preview: ‘Ozark’ And ‘Servant’ Return To Ratchet Up Tension On Streaming

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Netflix 'Billions' returns this weekend on Showtime, and the streaming services have plenty to offer, too. Here are all the highlights. read more

The Best US National Parks To Escape Winter’s Icy Grasp

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Emily. Hart Emily Hart, UPROXX's National Park Expert, breaks down the 8 best US National Parks to escape the cold in the winter months. read more

The Knives In ‘Knives Out 2’ Are Likely To Come Out Later This Year On Netflix And In Theaters

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lionsgate "Knives Out 2" is being released on Netflix and in theaters. read more

Comedian Valerie Tosi Shares Her Favorite Food Stops Nationwide

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Kim Newmoney/Darielle Rose/Uproxx Comedian Valerie Tosi gives us a hilarious guide to her 10 go-to eateries when she's working on the road. read more

‘Mission: Impossible 7,’ Which Was Originally Supposed To Come Out In 2021, Has Been Delayed… Again

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YouTube We just want to watch Tom Cruise drive motorcycles off of cliffs, is that too much to ask? read more

Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Are Now Parents As They Celebrate The Birth Of Their First Child

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Getty Image The celebrity couple got married in 2018 and have been publicly discussing having children for some time now. read more

Blind Taste Test: American Single Malt Whiskey Vs. Scotch Single Malt Whisky

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iStockphoto/UPROXX We're facing off five American single malt whiskeys versus Scotch single malt whiskies in a blind taste test. read more

Robert Pattinson Was Kidding When He Said He Wasn’t Going To Get Ripped To Play Batman, He Swears

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warner bros. "Literally, I’m just barely doing anything." read more

Neve Campbell Was Confused When Told About The Weeknd Shouting Her Out: ‘Which Weekend, Last Weekend?’

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YouTube 'I'm just so bad with pop culture.' read more