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Do I need travel insurance for a UK staycation?

HOLIDAYMAKERS have been turning to staycations during the pandemic due to international travel restrictions and ongoing coronavirus risks. A UK break may save the hassle of early morning or late night flights and jet lag, but it is still important to consider getting travel insurance even if you aren’t leaving the country. Most people... go to Article >

A More Bible-Saturated Me: How the Word Revives Women

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It begins as a low, steady hum before twisting to urgent whispers, growing louder, tugging for more attention: Go ahead, buy just one more item; slip into one more coffee shop; numb yourself on social media. You deserve to be happy. So you... read more

Rachel Roddy’s kaleidoscope of appetisers – recipe | A kitchen in Rome

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A deliciously retro Italian alternative to a cheese’n’pineapple porcupine: a cauliflower spiked with a colourful array of nibbles on sticks – charcuterie, cheese, pickles … The verb stuzzicare means to tap repeatedly, poke or pick with something... read more

How to make a greener car

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As the pressure to improve environmental performance ramps up in all areas of our life, what are car makers doing beyond cutting vehicle emissions? As the ongoing debate about cutting emissions – both in the car industry and more widely –... read more

The Crystal Maze Live Experience

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Happy Christmas, said BestMate, I've got us tickets to the Crystal Maze. The Crystal Maze Live Experience is an immersive attraction based on, but not directly connected to, the iconic Channel 4 programme. It's not cheap, with tickets starting at... read more

Where now for the fight against workfare?

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Since the action on 5 May, the campaign against workfare in Liverpool has almost ground to a halt. This has not been the case elsewhere - as even a quick glance at the Holland & Barrett tag on the Solidarity Federation website will attest. But it... read more

Everything you need to know about hybrid company car tax

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Already a familiar technology with fleets, hybrids can be just as effective at reducing your tax bills as well as your carbon footprint The UK government has set out its ambitions for 100% of cars to be electric from 2035, but there’s still... read more

This Is The Difference Between A Cold And Covid

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Can’t stop sneezing? Got the sniffles? The usual signs of a cold might actually be Covid, says the top scientist from the Zoe Covid tracker app. Professor Tim Spector said more than a quarter of the colds in recent times turned out to be... read more

Highway Code poised for New Year refresh in boost for cycling and walking

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Major changes to Highway Code will see 'hierarchy of road users' concept come into force from January, after statutory instrument was laid in Parliament this week The Highway Code looks set to be refreshed from January... read more

Take to the skies with the best drones for beginners

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Whatever activity you try your hand at, you always start off as a beginner. Hey, even the likes of Lionel Messi or Serena Williams were beginners once upon a time. And who knows? Maybe you’ll reach the heights of an elite droning competition one... read more

The Covid Christmas Habits We'd Quite Like To Keep, Actually

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For many of us, Christmas 2020 was pretty challenging. Just days before Christmas (and despite government assurances to the contrary),fresh Covid-19 restrictions were enforced, meaning holiday plans were scrapped or changed at the eleventh... read more