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Dressed in His Righteousness Alone: What Is Justification by Faith?

I’ll never forget meeting up with a mentor of mine at Starbucks shortly after becoming a Christian. We regularly met there to read and study the Bible. One day, a person walked by and was elated to find Christians. But during our conversation, my mentor began asking some pretty forthright questions, and I couldn’t quite understand... go to Article >

Holiness Means More Than Killing Sin

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He was 31 years old. Born in modern Algeria, from all accounts he had an ambitious streak that could border on ruthlessness. But it was matched by a probing intellect and a thirst for reality that had the potential to unbalance him or even lead... read more

Mac Jones is the perfect QB for the Patriots and that’s all that matters

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Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images We don’t need to make excuses why Mac Jones is good. Praise for Mac Jones always seems to be couched in caveats. Ever present justifications why he’s really not that good, or that his... read more

Korean Air Flight Review: London to Manila via Seoul-Incheon (77W) (with bonus videos from other Youtubers)

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BACKGROUND AND FLIGHT SELECTION My time in Britain was coming to an end.  It was time to go back to the Philippines apparently for good.  As much as I wanted to stay on the European side of the world, fate has other plans for me and I have no... read more

What Love Is Not: Four Ways We Avoid the Costs

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Is it strangely possible that love is both pervasive and yet endangered in our day? The label is certainly plastered, like bright yellow tape, across anything and everything around us. Or, perhaps more accurately, society has made love a... read more

When Darkness Veils His Lovely Face

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In 587 BC, after an agonizing two-and-half-year siege, the great pagan king Nebuchadnezzar finally breached the walls of Jerusalem. Babylon’s chokehold on Jerusalem for those couple of years had devastated the city, driving its starvation-crazed... read more

Men of Faith Are Men Who Fight

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Men professing faith in Christ have been walking away from him since the church began. “Some have made shipwreck of their faith,” the apostle Paul reports in his first letter to Timothy. In fact, the language of leaving is all over 1–2... read more

The Hardest Word to Obey

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The most morally beautiful, winsomely attractive command Jesus ever uttered also happens to be the most difficult to obey: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the... read more

You Are Not Nothing: Five Ways to Pursue Real Humility

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I recently had the incomparable joy of visiting the Grand Canyon. Though visit isn’t quite the right word, I suppose. You don’t just visit the Grand Canyon — you marvel at it, stand in awe of it, catch your breath before it, and find yourself... read more

The Curse of November 16

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  Grand  Duke Ludwig IV and Grand Duchess Alice and their children(all images except for Getty: Marlene A. Eilers Koenig Collection) In November 1878 diphtheria struck the Grand Ducal House of Hesse and by  Rhine with a vengeance.  The... read more

Food Rules: How God Reshapes Our Appetites

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A graduate student sits at a booth with friends, his second drink near empty. “Can I refill you?” the waiter asks. A mother sees the chocolate as she reaches for her youngest’s sippy cup. She tries not to eat sugar in the afternoons, but... read more