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Energy Security Strategy: Government promises 'major acceleration of homegrown power'

But campaigners slam strategy that will 'do nothing to help the UK get off Russian gas this year', warning 'the person who will be happiest with it is Vladimir Putin' The government will tomorrow publish its long-awaited Energy Security Strategy, promising that the sweeping new plan will 'supercharge' clean... go to Article >

'We are worried': UK climate advisors slam 'shocking' lack of net zero delivery

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Government taking risky ‘high wire approach to net zero’ by failing to match ambition with delivery, CCC warns The government is performing a risky "high wire approach to net zero" by failing to drive rapid action towards... read more

Boris Johnson hints at major reforms to 'frankly ludicrous' energy market

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Prime Minister signals desire to tackle link between energy bills and gas prices, as National Grid ramps up efforts to expand access to smart grid cost savings The government has this weekend signalled its intention to... read more

G7 promises boost for gas, but with climate conditions attached

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Communique commits leaders to new forms of collaboration with developing nations on measures to enhance their resilience to climate change The G7 group of countries have this morning agreed to open up space for increased... read more

How the UK's net zero transition is progressing: In 10 charts

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The Climate Change Committee's myriad charts serve to hammer home the scale of the decarbonisation challenge If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the array of fascinating charts, graphs, and illustrative graphics... read more

Research: Climate-friendly cost-of-living policies offer best outlook for UK economy

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Home and business energy efficiency drive would boost GDP over long-term while cutting CO2 and fuel poverty, CLG report finds Policies aiming to address both the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis promise better... read more

This is the future climate hawks want to see

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The story about Margaret Thatcher interrupting a long-winded policy discussion by slamming a copy of Friedrich Hayek's The Constitution of Liberty on the table and declaring "this is what we believe" has entered political... read more

Could a net zero power system by 2035 offer the cheapest path forward for the UK and Europe?

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Confidence is rapidly growing that fully decarbonising the power system across the UK and Europe can be achieved at no additional cost by 2035 Confidence in Europe and the UK's ability build a net zero energy system in... read more

Major economies are promising new 2030 climate goals, but will they deliver?

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A wave of updated national climate action plans is now expected ahead of the COP27 Climate Summit, but countries are still resisting calls to ramp up climate finance pledges A high-profile meeting hosted by the US last week... read more

'The inefficiency penalty': Government again urged to get a grip on underpowered energy efficiency policy

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CBI leads fresh calls for 'an all-out national effort' to improve energy efficiency and accelerate decarbonisation efforts Conservative in-fighting may be once again reaching one of its periodic crescendos, but there is... read more

Bonn Conference kicks off with plea for nations to deliver on Glasgow Climate Pact promises

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COP26 President urges governments to demonstrate that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has 'increased, not diminished, our determination to deliver on climate action' Hundreds of Ministers and diplomats from around the world... read more