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Ep. 651: This week in Disney history, buying tickets to Disneyland

This week in Disney history - This week, we discuss a variety of topics, including: the world premiere of The Avengers, Euro Disneyland opens, Glen Keane's birth and Tutti Camarata's passing, Disney story artist Sylvia Holland (with special guest Didier Ghez); Tokyo Disneyland's opening, and Charlie Chaplin's influence on Walt Disney.... go to Article >

Ep. 680: Holiday music at the Disney Parks

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Help us usher in the holidays at the Disneyland Resort with a musical celebration! This week, we welcome special guest Tim Babb to the show to discuss our top 20 favorite instances of holiday music in the Disney parks. Also - a look back through... read more

Ep. 638: Disney Legend Cicely Rigdon

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This week, Mousetalgia is celebrating a Disney Legend who left a remarkable legacy due to her work with Disneyland. Cicely Rigdon, who started her career at the park as a ticket taker in 1957, quickly had an impact on Disneyland even as she began... read more

Ep. 639: Goodbye Annual Passports, new Disney merchandise

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This week, Team Mousetalgia discusses the recent news that Disneyland is cancelling its annual passholder program. In the wake of the park's unprecedented shutdown due to the global pandemic, APs are no more, and we discuss the emotional impact of... read more

Ep. 672: Mousetalgia FastPass

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This week, Mousetalgia welcomes the crew of our latest project to the show to discuss their new podcast - the Mousetalgia FastPass! In an interview recorded live from the Hollywood Backlot at DCA, the FastPass crew share some of their... read more

Ep. 666: Alice in Wonderland attraction

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This week, visit the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland with Mousetalgia as we talk to two theme park design experts about the original Alice attraction which opened in 1958 at Disneyland. Former Imagineers Chris Merritt and Don Carson talk... read more