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Ep. 657: Disneyland '55er Bob D'Arcy

This week, Mousetalgia speaks with Disneyland '55 alum Bob D'Arcy, who Walt called "the kid." Bob watched Disneyland being built and became the first Disneyland tour guide. In our exclusive interview, Bob talks about his first duties as a tour guide, some of his other tasks at the park, and some of his interactions with celebrities... go to Article >

Mousetalgia Episode 623: Disneyland icons

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This week, Team Mousetalgia welcomes Disney historian Joseph Titizian back to the show to talk with us about Disneyland icons. In a time when so many people are longing for a chance to return to the happiest place on earth, we've decided to go... read more

Ep. 684: Mouse-Con 2021

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This week, Jeff and Dave chat about the recent Mouse-Con 2021 event held at in Concord, California on Nov. 7. Jeff spoke at the event about the Haunted Mansion (natch) and attended some panels, including a Disneyland Hotel panel with Don Ballard... read more

Ep. 653: Walt Disney Studios and World War II

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This week, Jeff reports on a trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum to visit the new exhibit "Walt Disney Studios and World War II." This new installation describes the studio's contributions to America's war effort, and describes how the studio... read more

Ep. 683: Main Street Magician Bruce Edwards

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This week, spend some time feeling the Disneyland magic straight from Main Street, U.S.A. with Mousetalgia. Our guest is former cast member Bruce Edwards, who spent a few years in the late '70s as a magician and prankster in the Main Street Magic... read more

Mousetalgia Episode 622: Jeff Kurtti on The Disney Monorail

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This week, Disney historian and author Jeff Kurtti joins Mousetalgia to discuss his latest book, "The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky." Kurtti talks about the genesis of the project and his perspective on writing the book; his... read more

Ep. 652: A Touch of Disney, part 2

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A Touch of Disney, part two: This week, Jeff reports on a second trip to DCA and "A Touch of Disney" to look at some of the human/character interactions, and what it might mean for the imminent reopening of the resort. Kristen Carr also checks in... read more

Mousetalgia Episode 621: Earth to Ned, Felix and the Monsters

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This week, Mousetalgia welcomes our alien overlords as we discuss the new Disney+ series "Earth to Ned" with executive producers Joe Freed of Marwar Junction productions and Vince Raisa of the Jim Henson Company. Joe and Vince explain the genesis... read more

Ep. 682: A Mousetalgia Disneyland trip report

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All of Mousetalgia ended up at the Disneyland Resort for a weekend in October, and this week, we talk about our experiences as the resort continues to recover from the pandemic shutdown. We discuss the Disneyland Resort Hotel service and give... read more

Ep. 651: This week in Disney history, buying tickets to Disneyland

235 Days ago Travel Source:

This week in Disney history - This week, we discuss a variety of topics, including: the world premiere of The Avengers, Euro Disneyland opens, Glen Keane's birth and Tutti Camarata's passing, Disney story artist Sylvia Holland (with special guest... read more

Ep. 681: Jeff's Disneyland Fairy Tale Wedding

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On October 24, Jeff married Julia at the Disneyland Resort, and we have all the details for you in this week's episode! We talk about the food, the ceremony, the venue, the 5:00 am photo session inside of Disneyland Park, the talented performers,... read more

Mousetalgia Episode 620: Van Eaton Disneyland auction aftermath

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This week, Jeff recalls some of the action from the latest Van Eaton Galleries auction, titled "Disneyland: The First 65 Years." What did Jeff win at the latest Van Eaton auction? You'll find out - plus get our tips and tricks for success at... read more