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Eurovision Fave SuRie: 'I Don't Wish What Happened On Anyone, But That's Not What I Take Away'

Because of our… hmmmm… let’s just say complicated relationship with Eurovision in the UK, we as a nation sometimes have a tendency to toss our competing acts aside pretty swiftly after the contest is over.One definite exception to this would be SuRie, who competed with her song Storm in 2018, and has remained close to British fans’... go to Article >

Is This The Summer Of Discontent? All The Industries Thinking About Strike Action

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Protesting industriesThe rail strikes briefly brought the country to a halt last week as employees rowed with their employers over their contracts – and it seems this has set other industries in motion all over the country.As the cost of living... read more

What Your Pedicurist Knows About You, Just From Looking At Your Feet

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No judgment, only a world of insights.We all started out with lovely feet. Just play This Little Piggie with a baby and you’ll see what used to be yours, before city pavements, uncomfortable shoes and pounding exercise contributed to years of wear... read more

Why Rail Workers Are Striking: 'We Either Fight Or We Give In'

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A passenger at Waterloo Station hours before the UK's rail network is shut down.The rail strikes happening this week – the biggest in three decades – are likely to affect nearly all of us in some way. Network Rail workers across the UK are... read more

So, Where In The UK Could Eurovision 2023 Be Held – And How Much Would It Cost?

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The UK's Sam Ryder finished second in this year's EurovisionEurovision could be on its way back to the UK, following the organisers’ decision that reigning champion Ukraine is sadly unable to host due to the ongoing Russian invasion of the... read more

This Play About Grenfell Underlines The Problems With Social Housing

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It’s been five years since the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, the most devastating residential fire in Britain since World War II. People all over the UK watched in horror as the tower block was engulfed in flames, killing 72 people. The names of... read more

How To Change Your Default Sleeping Position To A New One

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You’ve been sleeping on your side for years. Is it possible to switch to sleeping on your back? Or what if you’re an avid back sleeper with a newfound reason to lie in bed on your side? Is making that change doable? Spoiler alert: It is – in fact,... read more

Eurovision 2022: Your Ultimate Playlist, As Chosen By Legends From The Song Contest

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Eurovision greats Conchita Wurst, ABBA and LordiNo Eurovision party is complete without a banging playlist – and we’ve got just the thing for you.We’ve been speaking to former winners and other famous faces from the iconic song contest about their... read more

Eurovision 2022 Frontrunners: What Are Their Odds And Are They Any Good?

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A selection of this year's Eurovision frontrunnersWe’ve got our scoreboards ready, the flag bunting is hung up and our nearest and dearest have been told under no circumstances are they to contact us from 8pm onwards... yes, the Eurovision Song... read more

Meghan Markle Gets Name-Checked In Eurovision Entry And Who Needs A Royal Title Anyway?

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You can always rely on the Eurovision Song Contest to give us plenty of surreal performances and bonkers songs, but this year’s contest features a first: a song referencing Meghan Markle.Or Meghan’s hair, to be precise.Serbia’s entry, In Corpore... read more

Martin Roberts Says He Was Moments From Death After Being Rushed To Hospital

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Martin Roberts has said he was moments away from death after being rushed to hospital with chest pains last month. The Homes Under The Hammer presenter’s organs started to fail after a sack around his heart filled with fluid, meaning it could not... read more