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Finland’s nuclear bunkers ‘can protect everyone in the capital from an attack’

The remarkable underground shelters have been decades in the making. go to Article >

Are Sweden And Finland Part Of Nato? Why Both Countries Are Considering Membership

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British prime minister Boris Johnson and Sweden's prime minister Magdalena Andersson signing of a security assurance in Harpsund, Sweden.Both Sweden and Finland are considering the prospect of Nato membership in the face of Russia’s invasion of... read more

11 Survivors Of US School Gun Violence Share The Long-Term Impact

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Since the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, at least 185 children, teachers and other people have lost their lives in campus shootings across the country, according to the Washington Post. The latest school shooting took the lives of 21... read more

Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 53 of the invasion

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Southern port city of Mariupol sees further intense fighting, as Ukraine president admits situation there is ‘extremely severe’Russia-Ukraine war: latest updatesMariupol appears close to falling under Russian control after a fierce battle for the... read more

Ukraine War: Is Vladimir Putin Going To Start A Nuclear Conflict?

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Although the West is becoming more united in its approach towards beleaguered Ukraine, there are fears this could push a cornered Vladimir Putin to trigger nuclear war.But just how realistic are these concerns? Here’s everything you need to... read more

Ukraine Latest: How A Mariupol Steel Plant Became The Focal Point Of Russia's Attacks

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Service members of pro-Russian troops fire from a tank during fighting in Ukraine-Russia conflict near the Azovstal steel plant in the southern port city of Mariupol.The Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol has become the last bastion of resistance in... read more

'He's In Trouble': Have Rishi Sunak's Tax Controversies Ended His Leadership Hopes?

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Sunak believes that attacks on his wife's tax affairs are "unpleasant smears".At his peak, Rishi Sunak was the most popular politician in the country.It was a reputation forged after the “crisis chancellor” rose to the challenge of the Covid... read more

Global food supplies ‘under threat’ after Ukraine war slashes grain production

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Ukrainians in the Luhansk region are also facing shortages, their governor says (Picture: AFP/Getty) Global food security is under threat as a result of the Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has warned. It... read more

One Month On From Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine, Here's Where The War Stands

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For weeks there had been warnings, but many serious people could not believe it: Russia would never invade neighbouring Ukraine. Would they? Then, on February 24, it happened. Tanks and soldiers streamed across the border, scenes more... read more

Journalist's Video Of Kyiv Life From A Week Ago Is Now 'Hard To Watch'

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has turned the country upside-down over the last week. Triggering the largest mass exodus of civilians seen in the 21st Century, Russia’s intense shelling and the use of heavy artillery has forced more than one... read more

A guide to surviving the online apocalypse

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When the world is in crisis, sometimes there's no better confidant than the internet. It's there to field questions you can't mutter aloud yet, like "How to survive a nuclear bomb?" or "When will humans go extinct?" It catches distressed queries... read more