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Foreign aid budget cuts causes harm at home and abroad

Many Conservative MPs have been triumphantly crowing on social media that the government is planning to reduce our foreign aid budget. Make no mistake, not only will this impact on some of the world’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people during a pandemic, but it will also impact negatively on scientific jobs and research funding... go to Article >

Newsrooms are facing a mental health crisis and burnout is driving some journalists to quit

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Summary List PlacementFor many media organizations, the ideas other industries have recently introduced to remedy burnout — like a four-day workweek or offering the entire staff a paid week off — might seem impossible to implement, given the... read more

Deutsche Bank says 'the time is now' to get bullish on the aerospace sector and handpicks 7 stocks to buy - including one with an upside of over 40%

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Summary List PlacementInoculation programs are kickstarting around the globe, and Deutsche Bank is getting bullish on the upside this presents for the aerospace and defence sector, particularly as air travel gradually resumes.  The sector is... read more

Deliveroo is having a rough start to its IPO. Here's how the food-delivery firm grew from being a hungry banker's idea to a publicly listed company.

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Summary List PlacementAnyone could have come up with the concept. An app that brings you food whenever and wherever you want? It's the kind of thing any irate worker eating a squashed sandwich at their desk could dream up. Will Shu, the... read more

Rishi Sunak ‘Risks Sparking ERG-Style Tory Rebellion’ If He Delays Tax Hikes

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Delaying tax rises to the autumn risks giving Tory rebels time to “get some wind behind them” and build an ERG-style low tax movement, a former Treasury special adviser has warned. Sonia Khan told HuffPost UK that Rishi Sunak has a “real... read more

British aid cuts to leave tens of thousands of Syrians 'paperless'

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Norwegian Refugee Council says move to pull funding for its legal support programme will leave many in ‘destitution’ Tens of thousands of Syrians will no longer receive legal support, leaving many “in utter destitution” without documents they... read more

'A quantum leap for climate action': UK pledges to end support for overseas oil and gas projects

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Prime Minister announces UK will cut off all taxpayer support for new overseas oil, gas, and coal projects ahead of COP26, in move that has been applauded by campaigners, economists, and opposition parties The government... read more

Top Tory MP warns against international aid budget cut

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Caroline Nokes says reduction to 0.5% of GDP would harm girls’ education and hinder fight against the coronavirus The government’s decision to cut the UK’s budget for international aid will deprive half a million girls in poorer nations of... read more

What You Need To Know About The Row Over The UK's Aid Budget

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Malala Yousafzai has joined calls urging the government not to cut the overseas aid budget in Wednesday’s Spending Review. The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner is the latest figure to speak out against the aid cut, which is expected to be announced... read more

Experts give their verdict on Rishi Sunak’s spending review

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Description  Freezing public sector pay increases and cut to foreign aid dominate headlines Credits  Tolga Akmen/AFP via Getty Images Alt Text  Rishi Sunak... read more

Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Wednesday 25 Nov 2020

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Cabinet plans for risk of ‘systemic economic crisis’ The UK faces an increased likelihood of “systemic economic crisis” this winter as Brexit coincides with the second wave of Covid-19, according to... read more