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Furlough crisis looms as 1million Brits 'still on scheme' when it ends next week

Furlough is finally coming to an end on September 30 after supporting nearly 12million jobs to the tune of £70billion - but not everyone has been brought off the scheme yet go to Article >

End Of Furlough May Leave Ethnic Minority Workers Worse Off

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Furlough provided a lifeline for many. Now, the government scheme that subsidised salaries to ensure those unable to work during the pandemic were still compensated (and less likely to fall into unemployment) is coming to an end. No longer... read more

Autumn Budget 2021 could see price of gin and tonic or dram of Scotch whisky rise by 5%

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The spirits industry fears increases for whisky, gin and other spirits will hamper their recovery after Covid and Brexit and Chancellor Rishi Sunak is being urged not to hike duty read more

Impose ‘Plan B plus’ Covid restrictions now or face NHS crisis, PM warned

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The head of the NHS Confederation Matthew Taylor, which represents the healthcare system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, says the government needs to take urgent action now read more

Race against time to avoid Plan B winter restrictions amid top-up jabs crisis

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Our country needs a booster amid a crisis over top-up Covid-19 jabs, with concerns at rising infections and fears over a new variant while the rollout of injections stalls read more

'Dangerously complacent Government must wake up before Covid restrictions return'

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The lack of urgency from Boris Johnson as the UK sees its highest death toll since march is worrying - the PM is prioritising the economy but his complacency cost ­thousands of needlessly lost lives earlier in the pandemic read more

Boris Johnson's SAGE Covid advisors meeting just once a month despite soaring cases

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The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies has met only four times since the start of July, with a source telling the i newspaper there is 'lessened demand' from ministers for their advice read more

Sajid Javid's rescue plan 'shambles' rejected by GPs as it will make more doctors quit

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The British Medical Association condemned Sajid Javid's blueprint, which includes naming and shaming struggling GP practices, and they warn it could see 'the situation could get far, far worse' read more

Boris Johnson’s Net Zero ‘hot air’ blasted as Brits face tax hikes to fill £37bn black hole

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The Government is planning to install eco-friendly heat pumps to replace gas boilers in line with the Prime Minister's green revolution agenda read more

How do I get £5,000 grant for heat pump? Five key questions answered about Tory scheme

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Mirror Environment Editor Nada Farhoud answers your questions about the Tories' heat pump scheme - from how to get athe £5,000 grant to how it all works read more

Net Zero Strategy: 12 grim details in the small print of Boris Johnson's big climate plan

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Tax hikes, more regulation for businesses and fears the burden will fall heaviest on the poor all emerge in the enormous Net Zero Strategy, published by the government ahead of the COP26 climate summit read more

Let Wales cash in on offshore wind 'gold rush', Plaid Cymru urges Boris Johnson

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Plaid Cymru's Westminster leader will tackle Boris Johnson over devolving responsibility at Prime Minister's Questions read more