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THE last 18 months has been confusing for travellers, but one travel insurance provider has adapted with the times to keep  holidaymakers fully covered at a great-value price. Paying Too Much has teamed up with The Sun for our Give Us A Break campaign to offer readers a ten per cent discount on travel insurance. […] go to Article >

Top 10 Best convertibles and cabriolets 2021

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An 'al fresco' driving experience is a great way to refresh the senses. So if a convertible or cabriolet is on your shopping list, let Autocar help you to determine which one might be best for you Imagine the scene: the sun is out, the weather... read more

Top 10 best small electric cars 2021

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We run down the very best affordable electric city cars, superminis and family hatchbacks on sale today If an electric car ought to excel anywhere, it’s in the supermini segment - particularly with the recent changes to the government's £2500... read more

Two worlds collide: Porsche Taycan vs Alpina B3

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Both have won five stars in our road test. But which is better? We pit both estates against each other in this clash of the Teutons Steering pick-up, rebound damping, pedal weights: they’re the kind of marginal elements that tend to determine... read more

Work out (or relax) with these fitness and wellness apps on sale

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There’s only one more month left in 2021. That means there’s still plenty of time to get serious about your health and wellness. No, you don’t need to go out and buy a Peloton (although, you might be able to grab one still on sale for Black... read more

Top 10 best company cars

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There's a huge list to choose from, but here are our favourite company cars Company cars have always been a perk, a tasty four-wheeled sweetener for signing up to a new job. Yet in recent years, increasing taxation has meant that many users... read more

James Ruppert: happiness is a BMW E46 Touring

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A 3 Series Touring will reward those who shop carefully Loyal reader Andrew has fetched up on these pages with some great motors, but right now he’s after something rather wonderful. A BMW Touring, specifically a 3 Series and, to be right on... read more

Top 10 best luxury electric cars 2021

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The luxury EV market has rapidly transformed from almost empty to chock-full. Here are the main protagonists It’s a mark of the maturity of electric car technology that there is now a very fast-growing market for premium-branded luxury EVs. It... read more

Top 10 best executive company cars

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Here's our list of favourites if you're after an executive saloons For many years the large executive saloon was the company car holy grail, its blend of size and status telegraphing your successful ascent of the corporate ladder. Yet the... read more

Top 10 best small company cars

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Not every company car has to be a vast SUV or executive saloon. Here are our picks of the small family cars The vast majority of company cars aren’t ego-boosting executive saloons or swaggering SUVs, but are instead small family cars. Intended... read more

Love organization? You need Notion.

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Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better. I'm a sucker for organization tools. Planners, highlighters, Post-its — I love it all, which is why I find the study video faction of YouTube... read more